I’m not a Satanist,Says HH

I DO not know any Mason and satanic stuff because I belong to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church which is a Christian church, United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged.

Speaking during a luncheon hosted for church leaders at his residence, Mr. Hichilema said he had initially decided not to respond to Orthodox Church Bishop Edward Chomba who last year alleged that he was a Satanist but decided to use yesterday’s event to explain to the church so that it could have facts about the issue.

The churches leaders who attended the luncheon included representatives from the Zambia Episcopal Conference, Council of Churches of Zambia, Chikondi Foundation and the Independent Churches of Zambia.

The UPND leader charged that Bishop Chomba was a liar but because he was a Christian, he had decided to practice forgiveness.

Mr Hichilema said he and his wife were devout SDA Christians who believed in God, adding that there was no way he could be in the church yet practicing Satanism or Free Masonry.

“What I hear on radio stations and unfortunately what I hear in churches about this fellow called HH is something else. My church, the SDA, which is a Christian church; there is no Mason there, there is no Satanist. Last year, Bishop Chomba said I was a mason, but I don’t even know what a Mason is. I know the temple he worships in and I was surprised that the man of God can tell lies.

“Somehow we tend to discriminate against each other for whatever reason but being a Christian, the most important thing is to forgive. But I think it is also important to explain to men and women of God to give them facts so that they can go away with facts and bear facts,” Mr Hichilema said.

Bishop Mambo said he was worried that the clergy had also become leaders of violence.

He said that Zambia will never enjoy peace as long as the church continued to have preferences over leaders of political parties, adding that if prayers for a better leader alone will not be enough Zambians needed to make the rightful choices if their challenges were to be addressed.

“Among us the clergy, we are the ones who have kept on since last election saying we can’t trust Mr. Hichilema because he is a mason.  We have now become leaders of violence because our statements about some politicians are dividing the people.

“Zambians need to make right choices on the 11th August. We can pray but if we are not going to act properly, don’t accuse God. You can raise your voice and heaven will hear; the angels will listen, but it will end there. Right choices bring success and abundance; wrong choices bring problems. Experiments have killed Zambia. The Bible says where there is no vision, people perish,” Bishop Mambo said.

And Independent Church of Zambia (IOCZ) representative Raymond Chipwalamuka said Zambians and political leaders should object to violence because it had devastating effects.


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One Response to “I’m not a Satanist,Says HH”

  1. Nicholas says:

    It is not lawful to criticise those in leadership mostly His Excellence UPND President H.H.As Zambians we need not to fight but pray enerstly that we as a Nation become one and open our eyes to see who can lead Zambia as a Christian nation in the sight of the Almight.So Zambians watch out for the iniquity and the forthcoming elections,lets vote uncorruptive.N.Nkinke. Lusaka


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