Mutati hopes for MMD revival

 LUNTE member of Parliament (MP) Felix Mutati says his mission is to contribute to the revival of the political fortunes of MMD to enable it play a significant role in the general elections on August 11.

Mr Mutati said the MMD had been a formidable force in the political landscape of Zambia and so it was imperative that the party leadership concentrated on reviving the former ruling party and setting a stage for a stronger party which people would look to as an alternative to the Patriotic Front.

He said in an interview yesterday that despite the setbacks which MMD had suffered in the recent past, he was optimistic that with unity, perseverance and democracy of accommodating diverting views, the former ruling party would recover.

“Well, when people ask about my future in politics, I would say it is simple, my mission is to contribute to the revival of the political fortunes of MMD to enable it play a significant role in the forthcoming elections on August 11.

“To make a strong MMD, the leadership should put the interests of the party first before our individual ambitions and we should also listen to the demands of the general members as opposed to being dictators,” Mr Mutati said.

He said he did not have any quarrels with anyone in the MMD because squabbles would only contribute to weakening of the revival of the former ruling party.

“A key component of this revival momentum is that we need all members. All members have the responsibility in the running of this party. All this invariably means we should refrain from elbowing members from the party, especially those with divergent views.

“We should stand on the principal that we are merely opponents and not rivals. So for me, I call upon all MMD members that as we go through difficult times, we should remain united and persevere,” Mr Mutati said.

And Mr Mutati paid a growing tribute to the MMD members on the Copperbelt for giving him a warm and thunderous welcome when he met them at Jubilee Lodge.

He said he was humbled by the warm welcome he received at Jubilee Lodge, saying it was an indication that MMD was not dead, but just sleeping awaiting for their parents to put the house  in order.

“I was humbled by the kind of welcome I received and I can tell you that those were not mobilized people, but were genuine MMD members whom I used to see when MMD was in government,” he said.


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