Guy Scott faces axe

THE process of expelling former republican president Dr Guy Scott from the Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee will start soon following his decision to endorse opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, says PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya.

On Monday, Dr Scott a member of the Central Committee which is the supreme organ of PF endorsed Mr Hichilema ahead of the August 11 polls.

Responding to a question from the press who wanted to find out how possible it was for PF to have senior Central Committee member (Scott) endorsing UPND leader and still remain a PF member at the same time, Mr Bwalya said the process of expelling Dr Scott would have to start. He said the PF was an organized political party which couldn’t rush into neither expelling nor disciplining Dr Scott but wait for a process to start.

Mr Bwalya said he (Scott) was entitled to the respect of senior membership of the party.

Mr Bwalya said Dr Scott was accommodated and respected despite his notorious appetite for negative statements about PF and President Edgar Lungu.

He said it became a case of bringing a horse to the river but failing to make it drink.

“Dr Scott was not sidelined and forced to rebel against our party and its leader Mr Lungu. The open secret is that immediately Dr Scott’s plan to impose a leader on PF was defeated he embarked on a destructive mission to stop Mr Lungu from becoming President and he did it in a manner that threatened the survival of PF,”“His comments that time and even recently clearly points to the fact that he didn’t vote for Mr Lungu. So he just decided to openly work against Mr Lungu again just to spoil the soup, ukufilila munsenga, as the Bembas would say,” Mr Bwalya said.

He said Dr Scott was like a pebble or stone in the PF shoe that was making it difficult for the party to walk properly. “Now that Dr Scott has decided to endorse the man who called him the most stupid white man, we are relived. If Dr Scott had not done what he has done he would have remained the destructive enemy within who keeps stabbing family members in the back.”

“We believe that since enemies don’t mean well it is a lesser evil to allow them to leave and fight you from outside than inside,” Mr Bwalya said. He said PF had been left wondering why a man who claims to be very experienced politician had decided to hang on to a party that he claimed was finished.

Meanwhile, Fr Bwalya said Miles Sampa was not a defector from PF to UPND because he left the PF to expose the scandal of belonging to two political parties at the same time namely Democratic Front (DF) and PF.

“The public knows that he formed DF at the time when his uncle President Sata (late) was still with us. Then he led DF into the so-called Orange Alliance. DF got deregistered and the Orange Alliance ejected him. So Mr Sampa just came from his own house to go and endorse the man who called his friend Dr Scott the most stupid white man,”“In fact, DF has not lost anything because it was deregistered and the Orange Alliance expelled him. We just pray that this political novice has realised that two months is a long period in politics given what he has gone through after voluntarily leaving PF,” Mr Bwalya said.

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