Foreigners killing Zambians in compounds


Police should not sit like pumpkins waiting for the farmer. Clean up the compounds that has become homes for foreigners doing all sorts of things including the killing of our citizens. Wamundila Libuku


Mwale should summon Kasengele


I find the statement attributed to the Football Association of Zambia general secretary George Kasengele to proceed on leave instead of officially handing over to his successor extremely disturbing. Firstly, George was an employee of FAZ, fully paid by the tax payer and not the FAZ president who lost the elections. This actually tells us how football was run at FAZ. I appeal to Minister Vincent Mwale to summon George for him to do an official handover; that is the proper way of doing things and also clear his name for future assignments with the people of  Zambia. Concerned Citizen 


New street lights on Burma and Chilumbu roads


We welcome the new street lights on Burma and Chilumbulu roads but I request that they be reinforced by metal barriers around them otherwise drunkards will finish them in no time. Concerned


Mealie meal shortage in Chingola


The shortage of mealie meal here in Chingola is very alarming. On Monday 28th March, 2016, there was not a single bag at Shoprite. The black market was selling a 25 kg breakfast meal at K130. Meanwhile, I have no idea when we shall get our share of the solar chigayo.

DML, Chingola


 This maize dependency syndrome worrying


What amazes me is how Zambia has turned to be a maize-eating country. To say the truth where I grew up we never liked mugaiwa. We ate our cassava and finger millet and had no shortages. What has now happened is unfortunate; where is cassava, where is finger millet and where is millet to feed the nation? Nowadays everyone lines up to buy maize meal and complain of drought; millet is drought resistant and people should consider such crops when they do farming. Concerned Zambia


 Nawakwi full of insults


Nawakwi is a woman full of insults and has no respect for men, even those older than her. I remember she had some heated debates with President Michael Sata (late) when he revealed that she was poor at the time she joined politics, and was always in crimpline or tyerelin dresses. Honestly is this the kind of woman we can trust as running mate in PF? Nawakwi should try UPND because HH is having a big headache to find a running mate. Dr Banda is just a passenger in UPND while GBM has no Grade 12  or Form 5 certificate. So, Nawakwi, your claims that Edgar wants to date you for running mate are crazy.  Concerned


Teach ‘yaah, yaah’ MPs a lesson


The hour has come to teach the non-performing MPs. They distanced themselves from us and now they are showing up with sweet talk. Be reminded that this time your yaah, yaah, yaah shouts in Parliament shall vote for you.

Smart voter


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