UPND should be wary of wolves in sheep’s skin

Dear Editor,

IT IS shocking how some opposition political parties particularly the UPND could easily be duped by finished politicians like Dr Guy Scott and Miles Sampa to earn themselves influential positions in that party.

Let me enlighten the UPND leadership that Dr Guy Scott and Miles Sampa have no numbers that can add value to their chances of winning elections this year.

The two rode on PF strengths in their past glory. Now that they have realised that they have no numbers and that they made a mistake to leave PF and are shy to go back, they had to find a way of keeping their names in public domain by finding a platform on which to demonize President Edgar Lungu.

The UPND must be careful or brace themselves for serious confusion when the cartel takes over the party, although it will not be easy for the cartel to undo the quota system of power sharing in UPND.

Zambians and the members of UPND should not think that these people joining their party from the PF want them to win but are there to wrestle power from HH because they have noticed that he is a weak due to his desperation for power.

Can you say that these people believe in the UPND manifesto and HH’s ability to do better than the PF of Edgar Lungu?

No, it is clear that it is a hidden agenda they have for UPND. I’m surprised that top UPND members can’t see what the ulterior motive is for the cartel.

It is high time that every PF member concentrated on mobilizing more grassroot support for the party and leave the Facebook politics to the inexperienced UPND.

I can assure PF members that as long as they work hard and spread the message of development and leave political violence to the UPND, the PF will emerge victorious in the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Only those who have not analysed politics before will be carried away by staged popularity of the UPND like the biblical Goliath.

God is on our side because our leader Edgar Lungu has drawn closer to him. I wish PF members a progressive mobilisation.

Enock Chulu, Lusaka


Guy Scott commits unimportant shame

Dear Editor,

Inexplicable situations produce offbeat affairs. But for our former Vice President Guy Scott to ‘‘defect’’ to UPND really boggles my mind.

I think it was a serious personal degradation for Guy Scott to drift to UPND in the horrid manner he did because he was one of the founders of the Patriotic Front together with the late President Michael Sata.

We all know that when individuals form a club or party they ascribe values to it which they promise to uphold for good. They become particularly ethical persons.

And for Guy Scott, who should know better the tenets of belonging to an association, he certainly committed an unimportant scandal.

I mean it would be an affront to expect Donald Trump to cross over to the Democrats just because someone in his party called him a name. It is almost improbable.

But here was Dr Scott running to lick the boosts of HH. If I were in his shoes I would not have done it. Totally absurd!

Regrettably it is not only Scott who lacks this sense of true belonging. There are many who may soon be running away from PF to UNIP, MMD or FDD.

For me, these people who are sometimes referred to as political prostitutes are mere fortune seekers.I will certainly propose something in our new Constitution which will make sure that the so-called defectors are made to eat their humble pie. They are quite a nuisance.

They are not worth their names because they lack principles and my advice to those they run to is to thoroughly scrutinize them.

They may just be allowing in more deadwood into their rank and file.

As for Mr Miles Sampa, I think that he should just go back to banking or take up farming. He is not a politician.

There is absolutely nothing one can say about him because he is such a bad political greenhorn who is better off forgotten altogether.

 Jay Kabemba, LUSAKA


Hatred for President Lungu has made them friends

Dear Editor

So Dr Guy Scott and Miles Sampa have formed an alliance with HH just for the purpose of dislodging President Edgar Lungu from State House?

What an alliance of bitter men! Sadly, they even want all Zambians to share in their bitterness. What a team, what a manifesto!

What is gratifying however is that their common hatred for Chagwa Lungu has brought peace between these sworn enemies the same way the Lord Jesus Christ at his death on the cross brought peace between two enemies – Herod and Pilate.

Now the likes of Jack Mwiimbu, Cornelius Mweetwa, Request Muntanga and others have become completely irrelevant to the UPND cause and obviously out of focus. Ifintu now for UPND ni GBM na Miles Sampa.

Mukuka Chilufya, Chambishi Mine Township


MMD  should not die

Dear Editor,

My heart bleeds for the once mighty MMD, the mother of Zambia’s democracy.

Whatever is happening in that party, I pray to the Mighty Lord to intervene because I will be the saddest person on earth if MMD died today?

Nobody can deny that all this political noise we are hearing today is due to the hard work of MMD which buried the one-party State politics of Dr Kenneth Kaunda in 1991.

Many of us are today are small landlords because of MMD under the able leadership of President Frederick Chiluba.

Dr Chiluba liberalised the economy and today many of us are engaged in all sorts of businesses to enhance the economy.

Nobody will erase this gargantuan history of the MMD and President Chiluba.

Steadfast MMD supporter

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