Filthy toilets at Inter-City Bus Terminus agonizing

…. floors are strewn with human faeces and urine

COUNCIL-OWNED public toilets at Intercity Bus terminus in Lusaka have become incubators for bacteria and disease.

A check of the facilities by the Daily Nation recently revealed a disgusting state of affairs.

The toilets were not flushing while the floors were strewn with human faeces and urine and door handles were non-existent.

Some travelers talked to expressed outrage at the state of the toilets and accused the local authority of failing to maintain them.

Nabwalya Kabwe, a business lady who was a customary traveller between Lusaka and Nakonde, said the state of the toilets at Zambia’s largest bus station was posing a risk to the public as people using them were being exposed to serious health challenges.

Ms Kabwe said it was absurd that the local authority had failed to maintain the toilets when people were being charged K2 for using the toilets.

“It is so disgusting; immediately you go in all you see are faeces and urine everywhere on the floor and I wonder what the local authority is doing about this because this issue has been there for quite a while now.

“The toilet doors can’t lock, because the handles are broken, so one has to hold the door while answering the call of nature,” she said.

Another traveller, Mary Moonga implored the local authority to act quickly, as the poor state of the toilets was also an embarrassment to travelers from other countries.

“The council should do something as soon as possible because we have visitors and tourists who use those toilets, what will they think of us as a country?

“Health inspectors should visit the toilets and see for themselves, they keep collecting money but fail to maintain health standards.” she said.


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