Zingalume load shedded more


We would like to know from ZESCO why we in Zingalume are more load shedded than any other compound. Initially it was 8 hours but now it is more than 10 hours. This is frustrating and I believe someone at ZESCO is doing this deliberately to punish us.

Affected resident, Zingalume.


 Bonaventure lacks good roads


We the residents of Bonaventure suburb have once more observed with envy the resumption of tarring the remainder of roads in Kabwata and  Chawama constituencies while we continue driving in ditches full of  rain water and mud. Our MP and councillor have completely abandoned us. If PF wants to lose the Kanyama seat, let them field the current MP Col Gerry Chanda. This is a timely warning for PF.

Bonaventure resident.


 Attacks on the Judiciary


This is for Musa Mwenye and his attacks on the Judiciary. The man thinks the only good Judiciary is that which rules in the cartel’s favour all the time even if they have a bad case. One wonders what kind of thinking is that.  The truth is that the cartel consists of people who are not patriotic. This must serve as a warming to one opposition leader about the people he has chosen to associate with. These people do not mean well.

Patriotic Zambian.

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