God will choose Zambia’s next leader

IT IS very risky to involve yourself in spiritual matters when you don’t understand them well.

The sons of Scurva in the book of Acts tried it and received a rude shock of their life.

One of the great things God has done in respect of man is the freedom of choice.

It is up to you to choose to go to heaven or hell. Read the book of Kings in the Bible and learn how Israel had their kings.

Whenever Israel sinned they were subjected to a wicked king (in short their wickedness chose for them) and when Israel was ready to live a clean life they had a good leader.

So who chose kings for Israelis?  And by the way God does not tolerate laziness.

So if Zambians are too lazy to analyze issues so as to come up with a credible leader, Zambia will have a bad leader and that is not God’s will for Zambia.

As for Guy Scott, the man has already said he is not contesting.

Concerned Citizen.


Let Munkombwe help UNIP

OLD and certainly politically tired Daniel Munkombwe never ceases to amuse me each time he opens his mouth.

He is a man who in the West they would describe as “hot air’’ because he is nothing beyond that.

There may be an economic downturn in Zambia, which is true in many neighbouring countries, but for him to state categorically that disaster awaits PF in the August 11 elections may be a sweeping statement because nobody knows the loser or winner until August 11.

Mr Munkombwe, who has been in almost all political parties that formed governments, I suspect could be eyeing something in UPND in the event HH was voted the seventh republican president.

Of course there is nothing wrong in one trying to look after one’s face or is it stomach, but for Mr Munkombwe I think he has done enough for mother Zambia.

It is time he rested from active politics and left room to the young ones.

Better still I would advise him to try UNIP where Tilyenji Kaunda seems to have bored many and is consequently going nowhere politically.

Mr Munkombwe might just rekindle UNIP and who knows……

Thomson Banda


Desperate Sampa in panic

DESPERATE people do desperate things. After the death of Mr Michael Sata (MHSRIP), Miles Sampa desperately wanted to become the PF president and eventually State president.

However, when his bid failed, he agreed to a “fake” reconciliatory meeting with Edgar Lungu in the hope that once Lungu forms Government, Sampa would be appointed Vice-President or at least full Cabinet minister.

That did not work either and so in a desperate move to be the president of Zambia, Sampa resigned as deputy minister so as to concentrate on “party mobilisation”.

That also has not worked out. He formed the Democratic Front (DF) so that it could take him into State House; alas that too was a non-starter as DF ended up being de-registered.

Realising that the 50+1 clause will work to his disadvantage, Sampa in a desperate move convinced his tribesmen in the name of Elias Chipimo Jnr and Eric Chanda to form the Orange Alliance and he assumed its leadership.

That also didn’t work out as he was dragged to court over the ownership of DF, to that effect his brothers “fired” him from the alliance.

No sooner had he been shown the door than he crossed to the south to join the UPND whose leader is Mr Hakainde Hichilema who is also desperate to shrug off the tribal tag.

Whether this will work for him is another issue but what a chain of failures!

GBM, the vice president of UPND, is also in desperate to be the republican president and so will have a brotherly fight with Sampa should the tide fail to favour him.

So how will HH appease the Bembas? BC, LUSAKA.


UPND should scrutinize defectors

Just a word of caution to the opposition UPND over those swarms of spent forces migrating to it.

Some of them may appear well-meaning but may have ultra-motives to use UPND to score political battles with their perceived political enemies, especially in the ruling PF.

I dare say from the start that a good portion if these characters are fortune seekers and will stop at nothing until they get what they want. It is a question of survival.

So UPND should be very careful who it embraces in its ranks. Some, as I can see, are blown out fuses and merely wish to try their luck in UPND which they think will win the August 11 elections.

Just imagine where they would run to in the event PF is re-elected because a big possibility for that exists.

Those who underestimate the power of the enemy, no matter how weak they may appear, have always ended up in a one-way trip to a local cemetery.

I am not a PF supporter, but those in opposition, I think, will be making a big mistake by writing off PF on account of defectors.

Like I have earlier said, a good number of these defectors are hurt people with little value to add to UPND.

UPND should not be carried by mob psychology. It always evaporates like morning dew.

Some of them running to UPND are foreigners who really have no Zambia at their heart and don’t care what happens to the country.

Those who have come either from PF and MMD are well known to the ruling party so they should be easy ‘flies to kill’, at least so I think.

And soon it will be August 11!

Joseph Habeenzu,

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