Name corrupt officials at State House, Post challenged

THE Post newspaper should name the individuals at State House who are involved in corrupt activities rather than making speculative statements devoid of facts to bring Government into disrepute, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has charged.

ZRP president Wright Musoma told the Daily Nation yesterday that it was folly for anyone to make wild statements on issues they had no evidence, saying the Post’s continued attacks on Governmnet were baseless, lacked merit and was an indication that the owners were bitter because they had failed to infiltrate the system to advance their own agenda.

Mr. Musoma said the Post newspaper would do Zambians justice by naming the people involved and exposing what corruption was taking place at State House so that relevant authorities could take punitive measures to arrest the situation.

He said the Post’s continued attacks on the Patriotic Front (PF) government since President Edgar Lungu came into power was suspicious and was a reflection of the hatred that the paper had for him since it was previously singing songs of praise for the same government.

“The Post newspaper will do us justice by telling us which people are using their positions at State House to get wealth through corruption so that those people can be fished out of the system because they are enemies of progress but as long as they continue with their speculative statements devoid of facts and evidence, it remains a wild goose chase because they will not attain anything.

“We are wondering why they have failed to come out in the open to name those who are corrupt and what deals they are involved in. If the Post can do that, then we will safely say that its claims are genuine and backed by facts but if they continue talking about corruption without putting a face to it, that is bitterness,” Mr. Musoma said.

He said it was wrong for the paper to continue talking about corruption and attacking Governmnet unnecessarily when not long ago the same tabloid was eulogising the same government and wondered what had changed.

He said the paper’s claims that there was corruption at State House could be testimony that it was a beneficiary of dubious deals under the leadership of Michael Sata and that it was  speculating about the issue because it thought that the same was happening now.

“It is clear that if any Governmnet brought the paper closer, it would sing songs of praise for it even when things are not alright. We all remember what happened during Mr. Sata’s reign when the paper was close to Government and how their reporting was towards it. Isn’t it surprising that the same Governmnet it defended so well not long ago has today become an enemy?

“Maybe the paper thinks that since it has been kept at bay by the current Governmnet, then the deals it was obtaining in a similar manner have been given to someone else and so whoever is close to State House now is a suspect,” he said.

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