Building Resentment

The strategy is very simple.

Build sufficient resentment among the mob and you will soon have a political crowd that will support you.  It does not matter the subject, veracity or indeed importance of the subject as long as it creates sufficient resentment, anger and extreme uncertainty among the electorates you are rest assured of a vote.

This is the opposition agenda.

So you have Dr. Guy Scott who is a central committee member of the Patriotic Front latching at the idea taking center stage at an opposition press conference condemning the leadership of his party and in the process endorsing the opposition candidate.

Dr. Scott knows this is wrong. He cannot belong to one party and endorse the leadership of another party. This is a display of deep inconsistency and lack of principle. The best he could have done was to resign from the PF.

Dr. Scott it will be recalled was a member of the MMD and Minister of Agriculture until he was dismissed from office by President Frederick Chiluba. He could have resigned when the writing was on the wall but decided to sit out the crisis until he was fired.

This is a serious lack of judgment for which he will be remembered.

More recently Dr. Scott was involved in a power struggle with current President Edgar Lungu following the demise of President Michael Sata. He led a section of the PF to which Miles Sampa and a few others were associated.

Clearly his role and that of former Deputy Minister of Commerce Miles Sampa, who happens to be related to former President Michael Sata is to create maximum resentment against the current Government. It is not a matter of principle but of political expediency.

It is a campaign devoid of substance.

It must also be remembered that the cartel has great interest in the outcome of the August election.

The cartel has a stake in creating maximum resentment in order to usher in a new Government with the intention that their criminal matters be erased from the record as they launch yet another round of corruption allegation for which they are already alluding by making thinly veiled accusations and threats against State House.

This is the same modus operandi that worked under President Levy Mwanawasa.

Understandably the Government has more difficult task of dealing with issues of policy, principles and encouraging the citizenry to strive for their noblest convictions. This may not be as attractive as rabble rousing that a negative opposition campaign has launched.

The Patriotic Front must learn from the lessons of the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy which showcased the illustrious achievement in development infrastructure development, but lost elections to a more bread and butter issues campaign launched by the Patriotic Front.

With people like Dr. Guy Scott who operate on the basis of political opportunism, the issue of mob psychology will come in play.

Infrastructure development is important but the mind of the electorate may require much more tangible persuasion.

Cynics and those who reap from human failure have already started positioning themselves for a new anti-corruption campaign from which they hope to achieve another “state capture”  by putting a Government  in place that will do their bidding and in the process avail them another opportunity to amass personal fortunes apart from exerting undue influence on the executive that will be  eternally grateful for the opportunity of being in power.

The stakes are very high and criminality should not be tolerated.

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One Response to “Building Resentment”

  1. Onyx power @vampiros says:

    Guy Scott is truly muzungu opusa. HH was right. Birds of the same further… It takes two opusa people to tangle.


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