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GOVERNMNET should immediately set up a taskforce to monitor the purchase of mealie-meal from milling companies and wholesalers to deal with those who are buying in bulk resulting in an artificial shortage for political reasons, the Gallant Youth of Zambia (GYZ) has said.

And GYZ said Zambians need to be wary of political scavengers who were only interested in making a fortune for themselves regardless of which method they were using to gain political power as insincerity had overtaken some politicians.

Executive Director Henry Mulenga told the Daily Nation yesterday that it was regrettable that some politicians were engaging in vices that affected the Zambians such as creating an artificial shortage of mealie-meal with the hope that they would gain political mileage by inciting people to rise against Governmnet.

Mr. Mulenga said there was need for a body that will ensure that such illegalities were prevented so that people did not suffer unnecessarily simply because some politicians had a hidden agenda.

He said it was illogical for anyone to think of forming Governmnet at the backdrop of people’s suffering because such retrogressive behaviour showed that they had no heart for the Zambians but were driven by the ego to gain power.

“Governmnet should immediately set up a taskforce that will oversee the sale of mealie-meal by milling companies and wholesalers in order to prevent unscrupulous individuals from exploiting Zambians by buying the commodity in bulk, hold on it, and sell when there is a critical shortage on the market at exorbitant prices.

“It is not right for some politicians to subject Zambians to unnecessary suffering simply because they want to make Governmnet unpopular so that they can gain cheap popularity without realising the effect their actions have on the ordinary Zambians,” Mr. Mulenga said.

And Mr. Mulenga has advised Zambians not to pay attention to what he termed as “political scavengers” who were in the habit of changing goal posts by moving from one political party to the other for selfish reasons which did not benefit the country.

He said it was sad that 51 years after independence, Zambia still had politicians who were not driven by principle but lust for wealth and power and challenged Zambians to sue their power to fish out politicians who did not add value to their welfare by voting them out.

“Zambians must beware of political scavengers and political parties should guard themselves against individuals whose lives are bent on filtering information from one party to another because we want our country to practise decent politics.

One would wonder what drives certain political characters, today they are in this party, tomorrow in the other and back to where they first started,” he said

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One Response to “Monitor mealie meal sales-GYZ”

  1. nshilimubemba says:

    What worries me is how Zambians , have turned to be a maize country ,to say the truth where I grew up we never liked mukaiwa we ate our own cassava na male and had no shortages .
    what has now happened is unfortunate, where is cassava , where is finger millet where amasaka to feed the nation,every one lines up for maize meal and complain of drought; amasaka is drought resistant people should consider such crops, when they do farming


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