For the last few days the world has been captivated by the events in Brussels, where 31 people were killed and over 120 others injured by terrorist suicide bombers.

Suicide bombing has become the most widely used terror tactic, by all manner of groups with a cause to champion because it is inexpensive but captures headlines while traumatizing all communities.

It has been estimated that terror suicide which started from Lebanon in 2000 has always targeted soft targets, including school children, un armed by standers and generally people who have no association with politics. The aim of the bombs is to shock and awe. The more the carnage the better the result in terms of world attention.

The explosives are packed with nails, bolts and any other metal fragments that will cause the most harm in the dubious pursuit of a cause.

At the heart of all terrorism is the desire to undermine public confidence and especially in the ability of authorities to protect and defend citizens.

It is intended to create a climate of fear and intimidation in which the terrorists thrive.  Any terrorized community invariably changes its way of life avoiding normal routine such as travelling by bus, metro and these days going to airports, where vulnerability is even higher.

This can be seen in Kenya where terrorists are determined to scare away tourists and therefore cripple the economy.

Two devastating terrorist attacks have left Kenya living on edge. In April 2015 the Garissa University was attacked living 148 people mainly students dead. Earlier in 2014 more than 60 people were killed when a terrorist group attacked a shopping Centre in Nairobi.

 It is the Garissa university attack however that has left students traumatized.  A number of students at Kenyatta University were hurt in a stampede after screams mistaken for a terror attack. One student at Strathmore College died during an antiterrorism drill that appeared too real for life.

 This is exactly the effect terrorists want to implant on a community by turning everyday routines and events into highly suspect and potential terror instruments.

Not even the terrorist suicide bombers themselves sometimes understand the cause for which they are fighting apart from the assurance that they will enter in martyrdom.  Many others become victims as the bombs are exploded remotely by master minds and handlers in spite of assurances of safety if they left the baggage in a crowded place.

As the situation is unfolding now, in Brussels one of the masterminds of the Paris terror attack did not kill himself as he had assured the other suspects and indeed when confronted by police was more than ready to hand himself over apparently to spare his life.

The moral of the story is that the cynical agents of death and destruction do not value life. They  are embroiled in a narrow, evil and sinful pursuit aimed at undermining authority from a safe distance while sacrificing innocent people who are brainwashed into undertaking the most dastardly acts such as suicide bombing.

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