THE extraordinary performance of President Edgar Lungu in infrastructure development within a year in State House is choking UPND president Hakainde Hichilema with envy, Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has charged.

She said Mr Hichilema’s ambitions to take over the presidency of the country have been severely fractured and that was why the UPND leader had resorted to insulting President Lungu.

Mrs Phiri said the ruling party was not surprised with the pettiness of Mr Hichilema who has now begun to see the reality that he would never become president of the country.

She said that in the next coming months, the UPND leader would be foaming from the political amnesia he has been attacked with because of the massive infrastructure development which Zambians were happy with. Mrs Phiri said in an interview yesterday that Mr Hichilema and other politically dwarfed opposition leaders were ashamed that all the infrastructural programmes that were started by President Michael Sata (late) were expeditiously being completed and commissioned.

She  said the PF celebrates the type of President it had in President Lungu who had remained humble, sociable interactive and at ease with the people he was governing and that the ruling party had no apologies to Mr Hichilema for having a leader whose presidency Zambians were appreciating.

She said Zambians had always known Mr Hichilema as a leader with a ‘wooden personality’ and advised the UPND leader to keep his ‘hands of steel’ to himself because citizens would want to have a President who was down to earth.

Mrs Phiri said if Mr Hichilema was a genuine leader who cared about the welfare of the people, he should have been the first to celebrate that the police officers had decent accommodation, clean water, electricity which they had been crying for in as many years. “We are not surprised with the pettiness and uncivil behaviour of Mr Hichilema over the infrastructure development President Lungu and the PF are implementing. Mr Hichilema is being choked with envy over the extraordinary performance of President Lungu and the PF and he has resorted to pettiness and insults. Reality is now dawning on him that he will never become President of Zambia as his ambitions have been shattered by the massive infrastructure development.

“The PF celebrates to have such type of a President in Mr Lungu who is sociable, interactive and down to earth. The Head of State has taken the presidency closer to the people and let Mr Hichilema keep his wooden personality and hands of steel to himself,” Mrs Phiri said.

She said President Lungu would continue delivering to Zambians and that it was not difficult to understand why the UPND and its leader did not want to see good things being extended to the poor on the social ladder.

Mrs Phiri said President Lungu would soon be going to the Copperbelt for similar programmes as the police housing project and that if Mr Hichilema was unhappy about it, it would be a demonstration that the UPND leader only cared about his wealth.

She said the Head of State had demonstrated that he did not believe in material wealth and had since given up the presidential retirement house and that if the UPND leader had a heart for Zambians, he should have demonstrated by surrendering even one percent of his wealth she said he accumulated through the privatisation of State assets.

“Mr Hichilema’s wealth exclusively comes from the privatization of State assets and Zambians know about this. Let Mr Hichilema know that from now on, in every week, President Lungu will be launching one project after another while commissioning those that are completed. We are going to have the construction of one of the best modern airport commissioned soon and Mr Hichilema would aware of this if he swallowed his bitterness,” Mrs Phiri said.


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