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So what if President Lungu drinks beer?


Which is better? Drinking beer or grabbing people’s wives? If Mr Mmembe and his friends can say and write that President Lungu drinks, so what? Then it shows how dull and hateful these people are on the President Lungu. One thing we need to understand is that there is nothing wrong in drinking. Ba Fred it is not what goes in that makes a man bad but that what comes out. Please read Jeremiah 25 Vs 27.

Alfred Mwanza, Lusaka West.



HH the economist


As men and women know economics and the rules of supply and demand, it is simple to understand why mealie meal prices are high. Don’t be ignorant and pretend. Heed advice from economists like HH.

Edward Ndumingu, Lusaka



Mmembe is totally



The reason why Fred M’membe has continued to commit crimes against the State with impunity is because he is always confident that  no judge will dare send him to prison because most of them are his friends. So, what we are seeing is total breakdown of respect for the law and order within the  perimeters of the Post newspaper. They can do whatever they want even insulting the Head of state at will, hacking in people’s phones, lying and all sorts of  crimes because they know nothing will happen to them. Has M’membe been given special immunity without our knowledge as citizens? If so who gave him?




Early shishita unfair

The early curfew “shishita” introduced on us citizens is unfair because some of us knock off late.

 Worried citizen


HH desperation for power worrying


HH should be sincere in his desperation for the presidency. President Lungu’s salary increment is justifiable. Let HH explain where he got his money from. Who doesn’t know about the dubious privatization of mines. Surely God will judge him soon. Is he trying to fool Zambians? He should know that God is on the throne.

Timothy Mwanza, Kafue


Sportsmen and women should plan for their future


When will are our sportsmen and women learn how to manage their future lives. It’s a shame today to hear some of them appealing for financial assistance and bragging that they did this and that for mother Zambia. For their information, it is the duty of every citizen to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of mother Zambia.

But others want to milk more than the rest. Even the street vendors and the likes make a great contribution but they don’t come out crying like babies. Our friends in sports world should learn how to plan for their future lives. Just go round club houses and witness how our sportsmen spend on beers and red lips/ba kapenta milimo. It’s really amazing. Come Easter holiday some are the last ones to leave the pubs and the first ones at open ing time. Let’s change our mind sets. Thank you





President Lungus running mate


I appeal to the President to look for a running mate within the Patriotic Front. Even our current Republican Vice President can be considered. May I ask Mr President in the same vein to open the position even to men.

C. Phiri


Mandevu compound in

erratic water supply


The Minister of Local Government and Housing should help Mandevu/Marrapodi with provision of water . It seems Lusaka Water and Sewerage has failed to do their job in this part of Mandevu Constituency. And also the sewer lines are blocked.

Mandevu resident.

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