Post living in the past

Dear Editor,

The Post Newspaper should accept that politics in Zambia has now changed.

We are no longer interested in cynical, boring, old and finished politicians.

It is time for new, young, energetic and educated politicians to take over the running of the country.

This is the reason why the Post is bitter because they expect to always control a President and Zambians too through lies, propaganda and Zambian’s passiveness.

What’s wrong with President Lungu doing the so called “Monkey Tricks”? The man is energetic!

It is the same Post that said he was unhealthy now that he jogs all the time, does some military tricks you say he is childish. Get out of town! Politics te ya bana iyo!

I sympathize with your newspaper because Edgar Lungu has done nothing wrong and it is impossible to write anything bad about the man.

Just Google our neighboring President Ian Khama and see what he does during public obstacle events.

The man does karate, rides a motorbike/ quad, and holds a good record in the obstacle course which includes the same exercise that President Lungu was doing. But Batswana people do not sink so low but instead applaud their President.

Please ba Post we are tired of you no wonder we all know these days that your headline will be Lungu this Lungu that. Boring!

But we understand because you have entered into an agreement with HH after he paid 8 months’ salary arrears for your employees what else can you do?.

But come rain or sunshine you will pay the DBZ Money and ZRA. Mark my words.

J. Tembo


UPND please give us a break!

Dear Editor,

The UPND media team that published the new allowances and salaries of the President, ministers, as well as their deputies must be commended.

But if they are smart as they think, let them go a step further and publish the same data from the neighbouring states and they will be shocked to the bone to find that our leaders are the still the lowest paid in the region.

When the MPs had an increment the same UPND team was mute because their members were involved.

They open their mouths because it is the President Lungu’s salary. Shame on them!

HH promised not to draw a salary once elected into office as a way of sacrifice, just why can’t he start by increasing salaries of his employees who are getting peanuts?

If we can’t trust him on small things how does he (HH) expect us to trust him that he won’t draw a fat salary once elected into office?

Zambians are not fools. Everyone wants to be in that office because of money.


Pilato, tame your tongue

Dear Editor,

Not long ago the so-called Pilato was in court for allegedly defaming President Lungu through his song A lungu anabwela.

He denied the allegation and was mysteriously set free.

Sadly now he is issuing warnings to the President. He is telling the President to think before he does certain things or else will release another song about him(Post Newspaper dated Thursday 24).

Going by such statement, will people regard this young man to be sane?

It is no wonder this new generation has lost respect for elders; maybe they are paid for such kind of pompous thinking.

Such stupid lack of respect for elders is now sending many young men to their early graves.

The Holy Bible clearly states that children must honour their parents so that their days are increased.

For sure Pilato needs serious prayers. That boy thinks he is becoming a star by his insulting music.

Let him go back to school or learn to respect elders. Pliato, think before you sing!

Even by your looks, one can tell who you really are, a wicked musician.

Disgusted Zambian

Nawakwi, Lungu’s running mate,

totally absurd

Dear Editor,

With the running mate clause in the new constitution, only UNIPs Tilyenji Kaunda has announced he is  ready for the August 11 Elections.

The rest are mute. But Edgar Lungu of the ruling PF has indicated he wants a female running mate.

What is shocking is the news that FDD’s President Nawakwi claiming to have rejected an offer from Lungu to be his running mate.

Did Lungu really approach Nawakwi via text messages or it is just a fabricated story published in the Post Newspaper?

It is said that there is no smoke without fire, but on the contrary Amos Chanda said Nawakwi lied that Lungu ever communicated to her.

So who is telling the truth? That there is no evidence given we can presume Nawakwi is on the fast lane to “yell” at Edgar Lungu as she has no kind words towards PF and Lungu in particular.

If  I am not mistaken Lungu said he will go for a woman as his running mate and NOT Nawakwi.

Can ZICTA help us with the text messages the two leaders exchanged? That is the only sure way for the nation to know the truth.

Chakwiya Bornface

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  1. David says:

    Pilato the confused chap.Is this boy been to school?I wonder.


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