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Poor people being denied  justice


Allow me space in your paper to comment on the remarks by former Attorney General Musa Mwenye on poor people being denied justice. It is true that people who are economically down trodden take time to get justice. Why is it like this?  We have a case which has taken 16 years without coming to a logical conclusion. Assessment alone has taken 8 years. Imagine! all these presidents – Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda and Sata – left this case and now Lungu. All the Chief Justices left this case. At one point Hon.Miles Sampa commented about it in Parliament. It is sad that eight of our friends have passed on. Surely, is this justice?

Affected Zambian


 Kamanga should bring change at FAZ


The newly elected FAZ president Andrew Kamanga (AK) must make a difference in terms of improving the standard of football to that of 2013 by qualifying to both AfCON and World Cup. His executive should also deal with those involved in corruption cases. I just want to wish you all the very best as you take the mantle at FAZ.

Emmanuel Miyanda



Lungu is God given leader


I agree with Jackie on the SMS which appeared in your paper of March 22, 2016. President Edgar Lungu is a God given leader. He never propagated behind his boss, the late President Michael Sata and he was ever loyal, humble and obedient. This the msn we want. We have seen crooks leaving him. We can see the divine desire. The Bible says “resist the devil and he will flee from you”.

Mwape Kalombo , Lusaka


Airtel Super League?


I want to suggest to FAZ that mid-week super league games be played around 18 hrs and be televised live; clubs should have academies. We should have more league tournaments, not only Barclays. Airtel should have a cup tournament in the Zambia Super League like it used to be with Mosi or BP Top 8. In fact each company should have a team registered with FAZ; by doing so they will be employing youths as football players.

Phiri Sakasa John.


 Phone tapping secrets


I worked in a telecommunications company for 30 years. Tapping or listening to private conversation is an offence. Disclosing such information can land you in jail unless it is done in the interest of State security. This can be reported to State security agencies. Otherwise you close your mouth till you are buried with it. Of course as you carry out your duties you will come across all sorts of conversations e.g. between people making arrangements to meet with other people’s wives or husbands. Never ever disclose to anyone.

Henry B. Chembeya


 Student nurse crying for a job


I am a nurse who completed in 2014 at one of the colleges. To my surprise some of my friends who completed in 2015 are working. Can the Ministry of Health explain why they are not deploying in large numbers. It is very unfair to us who did well but are still roaming the streets. May the government look into this matter with urgency it solely deserves.



 The use of “outgoing” President a sign of disrespect


I wish to express my concern on some of the online media that are referring to the sitting Head of State as an outgoing president. I have observed that this word has been used in all postings on this online and other malicious online media. I therefore call on all well-meaning Zambian people to show respect for President Lungu. The Office of Presidenct ought to be respected.

Malungo Phiri, Lusaka.

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