The underdog’s on top

Impetus to achieve: Choke!

Generally speaking in life, people tend to root for the underdog when you have a contest between a behemoth and his/ her little known opponent with strength and ability that’s no match for the behemoth. People will generally support the underdog because naturally we all tend to despise bullies and such a mismatch appears as though it is bullying.

Most human beings hate to see a situation that appears to not have a sense of justice. What’s more, the prospect of a dramatic twist in a battle that many regard as a forgone conclusion is always exciting; everybody loves a good old David & Goliath story.

Not everybody is happy to see the underdog emerge victorious though, there are always those individuals that just love to see the underdog continue to wallow, continue to be subjected to one humiliating defeat after another.

I don’t know why such people are so, but this is the way the world works. How often do we see people who tend to rejoice in other people’s misery?

How often do these same people choke each time a person they looked down upon makes progress in life? It’s a strange thing but this is the way humans are wired. Some people do it to their friends, others do it to their family members.

It’s really not right. When people use words such as – the mighty have fallen, when they see people that were well off before fall upon tough times, I find that to be nauseating.

It is so selfish for individuals to feel that all the good things in the world are only for themselves as well as their kith and kin. It is really quite sad.

But of course, regardless of how much pull him down syndrome certain people try to apply on you; regardless of how much pleasure people take in your suffering when you’re down, and indeed how much they wish you the worst when you’re making meaningful progress, when God says yes, nobody can deny you what’s coming your way.

The inevitable comes to fruition and you will have your glorious new life. People will choke with envy and jealousy and it’s all they will be able to do.

You will be in a new life where people will come at you with fake smiles and insincere congratulations, but it won’t really matter probably because you have come far in accomplishment, not to show off to these good-for-nothing envious characters, but because you had set targets for yourself and you have fulfilled an ambition, and that’s what matters most to you.

A story is told of a young man called Somo that had a privileged life in his early years, his primary school years.

Somo was brought up in a home that had everything ranging from latest videogames, clothing and toys, to having a backyard swimming pool and attending the best private schools. Unfortunately for Somo, his father – who was a career corporate banker – passed on in Somo’s last year of primary school. At the time, Somo’s mother was not in gainful employment. Somo’s father’s relatives grabbed almost all his properties which included household furniture, luxury vehicles and a fleet of buses that were used for commercial transportation business. A beautiful luxury home was also grabbed.

That development would mark a new era in Somo’s life. Having to live in different extended family members’ homes as his mother tried to find her feet.

It would prove to be a period when Somo would come to learn so much about the reality of the world and the way things work. Many people would ill treat him ranging from family members who barely a few years earlier, his father had kept, to friends who were too immature to understand the difficult circumstances that had befallen him.

It was a period that would span over a decade before Somo would uplift himself through sheer determination, a slice of luck, hard work, and ingenuity. Of course we cannot discount the hand of God in Somo’s meteoric rise to comfort and self-sufficiency.

Whenever you are in a situation that appears stagnant, it feels like time is not moving.

It often feels as though you’re stuck in a moment. But when things start to move in your life and you begin to achieve one milestone after another and you look back, you come to appreciate that you have covered one hell of a journey.

Somo had been through humiliation at the hands of friends and relatives, yet he always maintained his calm.

He was always helpful whenever the very same friends and relatives needed him.

Even in the future when he began to generate decent amounts of income for himself, he would come and share his spoils with these same friends and relatives notwithstanding how they had treated him in the past.

What’s odd is that not everybody was quite pleased to see that Somo had turned his situation around. From being in a situation where humble pie was his staple, Somo had now come to be associated with independence, healthy cashflow and comfortable living.

This did not seem to go down well with some of the people that had known him from his early days. Some of these individuals were now choking with envy and jealousy due to the fact that the young man that they once scoffed at had grown to become a well-to-do individual. They could not even consider that he had been good to them despite how they had treated him in the past. Surely, he was not forgetful to the extent that all the ill treatment and abuse that he had endured at their hands had ceased to be a part of his memory. He had chosen to be the bigger man and move on.

So why is it that human beings can be so envious and jealous about others?

Why is it that Human beings would rather continue seeing someone struggle, and even feel bad when struggling people rise? Bad news about an individual is something people are so quick to spread, and yet when there is good news, the very same rumour mongers will even go to the extent of keeping it to themselves just so that others don’t hear about it. The world is truly a funny place. What people need to understand is that when it is meant to be, it’s meant to be.

What’s more, there is a certain irony in making fun of accomplished people’s children when their parents die.

I say so because the fruit often does not fall far from the tree, meaning it’s only a matter of time before the helpless child rises to the prominence and/or accomplishment of the late parent. There is real power in lineage, in one’s family name, in one’s family legacy.

This power is such that whatever setback a child, grandchild or great grandchild has, they will likely come back to restore the legacy. This is what it means to have certain blood flow through your veins.

In the case of Somo, because of the home in which he grew up – with a swimming pool, luxury cars, commercial buses and all, that in itself always gave him understanding and appreciation of what is possible in this life.

When you see that your father never struggled to pay school fees or to buy you certain things, as a logical person, the first thing you shall ask yourself is if my father lived as comfortably as he did, then why should I struggle?

If my father never walked his adult life, but drove around in a decent vehicle, why should I walk my whole life? If my father travelled the world, why shouldn’t I? Therein lies the power of legacy – this is my family background and I will uphold it.

Period! Come rain, come sunshine, come Hell or high water, one way or another, because I am my father and mother’s son or daughter, I will prosper. That is the meaning of legacy to me.

And so for those that love to take shots at the underdog, just know that for most serious people, being in that position of underdog is but a temporal setback, often brought about as a result of circumstances beyond one’s control.

Sooner rather than later, this person whose struggles you just love to hear about will climb to where they belong, a station probably better than yours in life, a station that was always naturally theirs. This will inevitably leave you choking and fuming. Wither to? I give you the words of rapper 50cent: ‘Hate it or love it, the underdog’s on top.’

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