Kanganja vows to fight phone hackers

INSPECTOR General of Police Kakoma Kanganja says the police command has instituted investigations into the tapping and hacking of phones by some named media houses, and vowed to fight the perpetrators of the scourge.

Mr Kanganja said it was illegal to tap and hack people’s personal conversations regardless of their background.

He said even the Zambia Police command was not mandated by law to tap and hack people’s private conversations.

The police chief has also instructed his public relations unit to issue a comprehensive statement over the matter.

“We are concerned as police over this trend of tapping and hacking people’s phones because it is against the laws of Zambia,” he said.

Mr Kanganja said there was no law which allowed any media house to neither tap nor hack anybody’s conversation.

The police chief has since vowed to fight those who had developed the tendency of tapping and hacking people’s phone.

He said police would ensure that such law breakers face the full wrath of the law as it was illegal to tap and hack people’s phones.

On Monday, the Daily Nation learnt that the cartel which previously held republican presidents and ministers hostage had now infiltrated telecommunication companies, leading to phone bugging and illegal sale of conversations of prominent people in society to their adversaries.

It is understood that the release of the telephone conservation between Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili and Kabwe district commissioner Chanda Kabwe was just the tip of the Iceberg, as the cartel had enough recordings involving ministers, presidential aides and other prominent citizens which it hopes to unleash towards elections to embarrass the Head of State.

Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has said the illegal hacking of private telephone conversations should not be allowed to continue as it was a national security risk.

He said thorough investigations must commence into the cell phone bugging equipment which the cartel was using on those in Government to tap, record and misrepresent their calls.

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