I’m in charge, Chitimukulu warns rebel chiefs

THE Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) is the supreme authority in Bembaland and those chiefs who are not elected and approved by the Bashilubemba are not chiefs, says Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

And Paramount Chief Chitimukulu said Chieftainess Yuyala was now back as Chief Chewe because she was elected by the Bemba Royal Establishment.

He said those chiefs aggrieved by the decision of the Bemba Royal Establishment were free to go to the courts of law because it was only the establishment that was mandated to elect the chief under its traditional lineage.

The Bashilubemba said Chieftainess Yuyala had been well received by the people back to her throne because she had blessings of the BRE.

“As far as we are concerned Chewe and Chimbuka were sacked and are not chiefs because they were not appointed by the Bemba Royal Establishment but by the late President Michael Sata, and the Bemba supreme court ruling is that those who are not recognized by the establishment are not chiefs and they can go to court if they wish.

‘‘And so far we have Chief Yuyala who is now back because she was recognized by the Bemba Royal Establishment and the people were happy and she was well received,” he said.

He said in case of chief Chimbuka, he was not even a chief but a headman who was looking after a few villages, saying he could not claim to be a chief.

There had been controversy in Bembaland following the dismissal of chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka, after the recent Ilamfya Bemba Cuncil meeting that withdrew the recognition of chiefs Chewe, Chimbuka and Albert Mumbi as chief Mumpolokoso.

And a Bemba loyalist Musonda Mushota advised chiefs who were defying the Chitimukulu to realize that they were still his subjects and should respect him.

Mr Mushota said the Bemba customary law of succession was generally agreed upon by the Bemba Royal Establishment and the Paramount chief-in-council.

“No one who can claim to be a chief in Bembaland without the blessing from the Chitimukulu and even the Government has no powers to install chiefs. Should anyone be a chief against the wishes of the Chitimukulu, it means their loyalty is doubted and of no respect to the tradition and custom.

‘‘They know the procedure and whether they like it or not they are also his subjects; and threatening the operations of Mwinelubemba will just bring consequences,” he said.

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