Use Easter to reconcile, politicians urged


By Nation Reporter

POLITICIANS must use this Easter period to reconcile and work together to emulate the leadership of Christ, says Bible Gospel Church in Africa (BICOGA) Bishop Peter Ndhlovu.

Bishop Ndhlovu said the current situation in the political arena was not healthy for the country where a lot of hate was seen in the eyes of politicians.

He encouraged the Zambian people to put into practice the peace and  love for one another during Easter because Christ was the saviour of all mankind.

“This is the time Zambians should take time to reflect on what the death of Christ means to make them understand how they are supposed to treat others,” he said.

The clergyman said it was important that Zambians appreciated the Christian values of loving one another.

He said political leaders should be in the forefront in promoting love and unity just like Christ who demonstrated his love for mankind by dying on the cross.

“I am urging politicians to use this period in curbing political violence because  Zambia should be guided by Christian principles of loving one another and living in harmony so that issues of violence can become history,” he said.

Bishop Ndhlovu said Zambians must elect a God-fearing leader to continue living in peace.

He said Zambians must have a heart for their country if God were to lift their lives.

“God will continue to lift the lives of peaceful and loving people because he deals with the humble and not those who are proud. We need to pray for one another during this period and reflect on the love for Christ for all,” he said.

The clergyman urged political cadres who were used as tools of violence to stop violence did as it not pay but only destroyed their ability to contribute to the country’s development.

He said no tribe or politician should devide the people of Zambia because all the people were created in the image of God, and leaders should denounce all forms of violence and vengeance.

“As we focus on the election mood, we must accept that leaders are God given, and as a nation, our job is to vote and leave everything to God who has a final say,’’ he said. Bishop Ndhlovu said no selfish individual or politician engaging in violence should be tolerated.

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