There is nothing wrong with being a whistle-blower, but when the information supplied has been disapproved on account of being incorrect; there is no need to insist on its accuracy.

The era of Joseph Goebbels (Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany) in which people believed in how to cement lies to appear to be the truth should be a thing of the past in our current democracy.

Dr Goebbels believed thus; “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. This is precisely what UPND appears to be falling into over the maize availability in the country.

In the fashion of repeating a lie, the UPND keeps repeating the beaten revelation that there is a shortage of maize for mealie meal.

That Zambia has exported all the maize at US$ 200 per metric tonne and was importing the commodity at US$ 500.

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is on record on BBC telling the international community including Zambians about this allegation of scarcity of maize in the country.

This is what has caused panic buying of mealie meal among Zambians and the smuggling of the commodity to neighbouring countries which were not so lucky in the last farming season.

This is understandable because few homes in Zambia could live without a bag of mealie meal for preparation of their staple food.

And Zambia having many and being part of the global village and a member of regional bodies, cannot escape the outside pressure of ‘feeding’ some neighbours who were not so lucky in maize yields last farming season.

But the facts of the matter are that Zambia still boasts of maize stocks which could last up to August this year.

The Food Reserve Agency has broken down the stocks as having so far released  516,000 metric tonnes to stakeholders who include millers.

The agency has also issued 1,401 metric tonnes to the Ministry of Education for the school feeding programme.

It is also in public domain that the total quantity of maize signed with millers up to June is 760,000 metric tonnes.

The FRA has also disclosed that after June, it has uncommitted stocks of 200,000 tonnes which would last up to August.

It is from this premise that Government argues that there would be neither maize imports nor hunger in the country on account of lack of maize.

In fact, by August the next marketing season for various agriculture produce which include maize could have started coming on board.

The UPND should realise that a lie cannot be sustained for a long time. Lies have a short life-span.

It is for this reason that we are advising the UPND against peddling and defending lies that cannot be sustained.

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