Phone bugging must worry security wings – ZDDM

THE tapping, recording and subsequent publishing of telephone conversations by the cartel is worrisome to all of us because we do not know the intention of these people engaging in such criminal activities, Zambia Direct Democratic Movement (ZDDM) president Edwin Sakala has observed.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Sakala urged security wings to take punitive actions to curb such illegal activities by treating them as a security threat to the nation.

He said it was wrong for anyone to invade the privacy of other Zambians aimed at bringing them into disrepute or exposing them to the public unnecessarily as it was against the law which everyone was supposed to adhere to.

Mr Sakala said the security wings should move in and find out where such sophisticated gadgets were situated so that the equipment used in such clandestine and illegal activities could be confiscated and perpetrators brought to book.

He said it was wrong for responsible authorities to remain silent when criminals were on rampage invading the privacy of citizens with impunity by going against the provisions of the law.

“We are all worried by these criminal acts of tapping into our phones because our calls are supposed to be private and when you see such privacy being attacked by people who want to expose what we are doing, we all get worried because that shows that we are not safe as we are being monitored unnecessarily by these people.

“The security wings should identify where such equipment is so that it can be confiscated because it is a security threat to all of us. Those who are behind this scheme should also be identified and brought to book,” Mr. Sakala said.

Information has emerged that the cartel, which previously held the republican presidents and ministers hostage, has now infiltrated telecommunication companies leading to phone bugging and illegal sale of conversations of prominent people to their adversaries.

It is understood that the release of the telephone conservation between Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili and Kabwe district commissioner Chanda Kabwe was just the tip of the iceberg as the cartel has enough recordings involving ministers, presidential aides and other prominent citizens.

And sources within the cartel have told the Daily Nation that the group is using a very sophiscated cell phone bugging system using equipment and expertise acquired during the “State capture” period when it ran Governmnet under late Michael Sata.

The sources said the equipment to record phone calls for those who were targeted by the cartel was purchased during Mr. Sata’s reign and that the system was so complicated that not even the Zambia State Intelligence Service (ZSIS) can clamp it down.

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