No VIPs in church, please

By Nation Reporter

The trend of politicians attending church services being treated as Very Important People (VIP) has raised debate among members of the public.

Josephine Mushala of Kamwala township has charged that politicians did not cease to be important just because they go to a certain church.

“As such they should be given the same respect that they get when they are carrying out their daily political duties,” she said.

Ms. Mushala said political leaders who visit churches should be recognized because they were still leaders.

She said that politicians too had the right to be in church and people should not politicize their presence in church.

‘’Zambia is a Christian nation and it is important that we have Christian leaders and that is why I personally think it is very wise of the politicians to be going to church,” said Ms. Mushala.

But some people argued that the church did not regard anyone as been more important than the other because in the eyes of God all were equal, adding that it was important that politicians were not given VIP treatment when they visited churches.

Misheck Mulunda a resident of Kalingalinga said that when politicians decided to visit the church they should be given equal treatment.

‘’We all know that going to church is a personal decision between God and a person so if the politicians go to church and in a few hours it is all over social media and in the papers that is advertising and a pure campaign strategy.

“If they want us to believe they are in church for genuine reasons let them leave their political lives outside and enter the church as ordinary people,’’ he said.

And Oasis of Blessings Assembly senior pastor Max Nalumango said politicians should be recognized when they visited a church but should be treated the same like all other ordinary members.

Reverend Nalumango said that it was important to recognize the presence of political leaders because even the Bible recognized the importance of leaders.-Millennium Radio 90.5FM

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