Kalaba condemns political violence


By Nation Reporter

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has condemned the recent spate of political violent activities and has called on Zambians to join President Edgar Lungu to denounce political thugs whom he said have been causing terror among citizens.

Mr Kalaba said Zambians should rise and take a stand against politically motivated violence that had characterized the country’s political scene.

He said it was unnecessary for citizens to live in fear and fail to express themselves or associate with political parties of their choice.

Mr Kalaba said citizens should be free to show their allegiance to a political leader of their choice without fear of being terrorized by political thugs.

He said it was normal in a democracy for citizens to belong to different political parties and unless Zambia reverted to the dreaded era of one party State, there would always be different political parties on the political landscape.

He said political party cadres should never use force, coercion or intimidation to gain support but that persuasion, discourse and dialogue were the best means of winning the support of the people.

“Let us all arise and take a stand against the nonsense of politically motivated violence. Let us join our President, Edgar Lungu, who has stood on the podium to denounce the thugs terrorizing our people. Why should our people live in fear and fail to express themselves or even show allegiance to a political leader of their choice for fear of being terrorized?” Mr Kalaba said.

He said Zambians should reflect on the need for tolerance despite having divergent political views, advising that if the Patriotic Front (PF) was falling out of favour, it was important to take a civil route of asking why and not  to beat up those who were leaving the party.

“If our party is falling out of favour, we must only ask why and not to beat up those choosing to walk away. In the like manner, the opposition parties ought to be asking why they lose to PF. If we can find the answers, we will never need the help of our fists,” Mr Kalaba said.

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