BoZ manager testifies against colleague


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The Lusaka Magistrates Court has heard how an assistant manager and a Teller supervisor of Bank of Zambia allegedly stole over $43,000 and over K 20,000.

This is in a case in which Mark Ndhlovu, 47, of Flat No.8 Bank of Zambia Flats in Lusaka is facing two counts of theft by public servant

Muuka Madubeko, manager banking of Bank of Zambia told the court that on September 30, last year, he asked Ndhlovu to work on the daily currency balance routine which was a standard practice in all the banks at the close of the banking hours.

He said he decided to do the work on behalf of Ndhlovu because he was busy doing other assignments because he was also helping out with the duties of an assistant manager who was on transfer.

Mr Madubeko said he asked Ndhlovu to give him a bundle of United States dollars   which was in 100 notes.

He explained that according to Bank rules, currency notes should not be mixed but put in their family which was supposed to be in notes of 100’s, 50’s and 20’s and so on.

Mr Madubeko said when he was given the bundle of 100’s notes, he noticed that in the bundle were US$5 in the middle of US$100.

He testified that he told Ndhlovu that the bundle had mixed denominations and that the accused responded that he had not finished balancing and he should be given some time to complete his job.

Mr Madubeko explained that after he was through with his work, he went back to Ndhlovu to ask if he had balanced the bank notes so that he could close the cash balances.

He said Ndhlovu again asked for more time but later the accused confessed that he was in trouble.

Mr Madubeko testified that he asked Ndhlovu to count the cash in his presence while                                                                                                                                         another teller was waiting so that they would put the money in cash specification and  load it.

He told the court that he had asked another teller Joshua Maziya to wait because there was a problem, adding that Maziya stood there and watched as the cash was being counted.

Mr Madubeko said after counting the money they found that the fiscal cash balance was not equal to the system balance as it was bigger than the fiscal balance which meant that there was a shortage.

He said Ndhlovu had a fiscal balance of more than US$ 57,000 while the system balance was more than US$ 100,000 giving a shortage of more than US$ 43,000.

Mr Madubeko said they also counted the Kwacha currency and found a shortage of more than K 20,000  of which the fiscal balance was 1, 199,000 while the system balance was K 1,200,000 .

Mr Madubeko said it was at that point that he informed the Security officers of the Bank who later informed officers from the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) who later apprehended Ndhlovu.

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