Seven Muchinga chiefs blast chiefs Chewe, Chimbuka

SEVEN traditional leaders from Muchinga Province have branded expelled chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka as confused and misguided minds for propagating traditional war and advocating secession from the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE).

Senior Chief Nkula and chiefs Chikwanda, Mukwikile, Mubanga, Nkweto, Luchembe and Mpepo, all from Muchinga Province, have declared their unflinching loyalty to Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and condemned attempts by chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka to create consternation between the traditional leadership in the Bemba land and Government.

Senior Chief Nkula and chiefs Chikwanda, Mukwille, Mubanga, Nkweto, Luchembe and Mpepo said there was a scheme by the two disgruntled chiefs to create enmity between the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) and Government as well as President Edgar Lungu.

The seven traditional leaders stated that chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka had been expelled because they were irregularly appointed and installed by late president Michael Sata with total disregard to the traditional customs and lineage in the chiefdom.

They recalled that in 2011 and 2013 late president Sata appointed Chileshe Yaluya Mumba and Grimson Mwila as chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka purely as his friends and that the two were contemptuously gazetted without considering the Bashilubemba who form the Electoral College.

They stated that the BRE and the Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu were non-partisan and would continue to be so as they were working and supporting the Government of the day with respect towards President Lungu.  We want to state categorically that we the Bemba Chiefs of Muchinga Province, namely, Senior Chief Nkula, Chief Chikwanda, Chief Mukwikile, Chief Luchembe, Chief Nkweto, Chief Mubanga and Chief Mpepo have the highest respect for the Bemba Royal Establishment and Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu. We therefore dissociate ourselves from the irresponsible and disrespectful statements by Chewe and Chimbuka. The cries of war can only come from confused minds as there is nothing to fight about. In any case, can the two confused, misguided and already dismissed PF cadre chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka, who even have no following, fight the entire Bemba kingdom,” the seven traditional leaders said.

The seven traditional leaders said the Ilamfya Bemba Council, the highest Bemba decision-making body and the highest court in the Bemba land held a meeting in 2014 at which the manner in which chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka were appointed was discussed. They said it was the Ilamfya Bemba Council that made the decision to have chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka expelled from the BRE and as chiefs in the Bemba land.

“We want to make it absolutely clear that this decision was not made by Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu, but by the Ilamfya Bemba council, the highest decision making body and the highest court in Bemba land. We wish to emphasize again, that the decision to remove the two as chiefs was not made by Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu but by the Ilamfya Bemba council,” the chiefs from Muchinga said.

The traditional leaders said the statement by the expelled two chiefs that traditional leaders from Muchinga Province were independent from the Bemba Royal Establishment was misguided and reckless because all the chiefs from the region were under the leadership of the Mwinelubemba Chitimukulu.

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