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GUY SCOTTS propensity for careless talk will render him politically irrelevant.

It is such a shame for a distinguished old man, a former republican vice president for that matter, to behave like a good for nothing fellow. Listening to him, many Zambians wonder whether the man who once referred to him in very unsalutory perjorative terms was far from the truth.

Our beloved former Vice President and late President Michael Satas close political ally was yesterday at it again. There he was at his favourite drinking hole with none other than the Patriotic Front party nemesis pouring out scorn on the party that he helped put into power and which made the name Guy Scott become part of the Zambian vocabulary.

He was doing what he knows best de-campaigning the ruling party and asking Zambians not to vote for Edgar Lungu in the August elections. The intense animosity and disrespect Dr Guy Scott harbours against the President was palpable. But why, a stranger in Jerusalem, may ask? The answer is simple.

Dr Guy Scott was both the PF vice president and republican Vice President when it became apparent that Michael Satas health was failing. When Mr Sata left for London on that fateful journey to seek medical attention,  he left the Presidency in the hands of his young confidant and then Defence minister and PF secretary general Edgar Lungu.

Unknown to many but only a few of his friends in the political circles now known as the cartel, Dr Scott was furious. As fate would have it President Sata died in London three weeks later and the merry-go-round started.

On the night Zambians were paralysed by the death of the president, Dr Scott drove to Lungus house with his best friend and Attorney General then, to grab the instruments of power from the Acting President and Dr Scott swore himself in as Acting President. This was clearly a coup détat staged by Dr Scott and the cartel.

Then followed the incredible events in Kabwe where Dr Scott wanted to use his presidential powers to install his stooge as president of PF who would then stand in the presidential elections as PF candidate. The idea was for the cartel to seize the ruling party by the throat and in the process put one of their number in State House.

The plot failed because of the extraordinary courage of Edgar Lungu and his now Vice President Inonge Wina. They fought the cartel in the courts and politically and defeated them. Lungu was unanimously elected PF president at the Kabwe congress and subsequenly vanquished Hakainde Hichilema in a bitter battle for the republican presidency.

Guy Scott and the cartel lost. The original PF as envisioned by its founder Michael Sata narrowly survived.

Today Dr Scott has the audacity to blame President Lungu for the fracas at the Youth Day celebrations when PF and UPND cadres clashed.  He says: ’’If I had been at the march past as I did three years ago, I would be absolutely furious. I wouldnt stop until some people were jailed and Michael (Sata) would have backed me all the way.

What Dr Scott is implying is that President Lungu is the one fuelling political violence in the country, that he has no spine to stop it. If he, Guy Scott and the cartel, were in power, all this nonsense would be a thing of the past.

But we want to ask Guy Scott: Where were you when intra-party violence rocked the PF, when Moses Simuwela was butchered on the airport road by fellow PF cardres? What did you do?  Nothing. Who has been jailed for that murder? None.

Your bitterness against an innocent man will surely eat you alive.

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