Dear Editor,

The recording and subsequent publication of a  telephone conversation between two Government officials, discussing Government matters is a serious matter that deserves immediate action by the relevant authorities.

It should not take the Minister to report to the Police instead the state must now assume full responsibility for the investigation to make sure that the source of the telephone recording is identified and prosecuted.

If Government Ministers can be bugged and their conversations published in public media what is the situation with ordinary people?

It is becoming frightening and a definite departure from legality for anybody to listen to, record and publish a private discussion. In this case the officers were discussing a very sensitive matter which has serious political bearing.

I am sure that Mr. Kambwili would not have spoken in the manner he did if he did not trust the person to whom he was talking.

The safety and privacy of communication is paramount in any civilised society and failure for the authorities to guarantee these will render our system open to serious manipulation.

It is not just the politicians that will suffer but businessmen also who will have their business plans leaked and therefore sabotaged by competitors.

This is  a matter  which the Communication Authority Zicta must immediate sieze and prosecute to the logical conclusion.

Ezekiel Mwelwa.

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