My blood is PF-Rodgers Mwewa


RODGERS Mwewa has rubbished reports that he has resigned from the Patriotic Front (PF) and joined the deregistered Democratic Front (DF) and has charged that only a politically myopic man would ever want to be associated with the once Miles Sampa led political party.

And Mr Mwewa has vowed that he is not going to reconcile with Chief Mwata Kazembe of the Bemba people in Luapula because the traditional leader has been fighting him since the 2011 general elections.

Mr Mwewa, who is Mwansabombwe PF member of Parliament, said it was not possible for him to leave the ruling party because it was the only hope for Zambia under President Edgar Lungu.

He said in an interview yesterday that he had remained the most popular candidate and that the primary elections currently taking place in his constituency for which there were eight other aspiring candidates had placed him top in the adoption process.

Mr Mwewa accused Mwata Kazembe of having sponsored people in the constituency to fight him and allegedly concocted a story that he was defecting from the PF to join the deregistered DF in an attempt to put him in bad light with President Lungu.

He claimed that he was a true disciple of President Lungu and that the PF was flowing in his blood and would only leave the political scene after the ruling party left Government.

Mr Mwewa said rumours that he had defected to the DF were meant to make President Lungu lose confidence in him but revealed that he had been a victim of Mwata Kazembe’s hatred from the time he was elected as an MP.

He alleged that Chief Mwata Kazembe did not like him because he had defeated Criticles Mwansa who was the traditional leader’s preferred candidate in the 2011 general elections.

“I have not been a favourite for my chief, the Mwata Kazembe, and he has been fighting me from the time I was elected MP for Mwansabombwe in 2011. The chief had Criticles Mwansa as his preferred candidate in the 2011 general elections and I defeated him and from that time, he has never liked me. I know that some people have been hired to spread rumours that I am resigning from PF to join the DF and only a politically myopic politician can take such a risk. I am PF and my blood is PF and President Lungu is assured of a 100 percent vote in my constituency,” Mr Mwewa said.

Mr Mwewa said he had worked hard to develop Mwansabombwe but that some people were not happy with his achievements and were accusing him of not being loyal to the PF and President Lungu.

He explained that he had become what he was in his life because of the PF and he was not ready to pay back to the party by abandoning it.



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