Guy Scott is truly wrong


Dear Editor,

I wish to comment on the story in yesterdays Post Newpaper in which Dr. Guy Scott wrongfully attacked President Lungu.

I now come with a different opinion and totally believe that there is something  off beam about our old white man.

I am saying this because how can ba Scott demand that President Lungu should quit because there were rumours that the President has failed to end violence.

Is Guy Scott  not aware or at least has he not read about an opposition political party which is training militias to cause problems in case it loses elections, which unfortunately it will?

For me I think that the war against political violence should involve all political parties not just the PF which you want to turn the other cheek when attacked. It does not work like that anymore Dr Scott.

In fact President Lungu has come out very strongly against all forms of political violence whether it is PF or other little fellows.

Anyway, what can you say after dining with oppositi0n political leaders? It is payback time for you. Frankly, I never thought you would sink that low.

In any case if you really feel strongly that Mr Lungu has failed Zambians why not wait for August 11 and hear from indigenous Zambians who will decide who their leader should be? It is not a long wait.

I know that out there are some people bubbling with exaggerated confidence that State House is already theirs. What the cheek!

For your reference to late Michael Sata in your newspaper the Post, I have already pointed out that politically you are nothing without Mr Sata (MSRIP).

Sometimes it is better to keep our mouths shut when we have nothing better to discuss. It gives other people some kind of peace.

Jay Kabemba


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