HH and student meal allowance

The ultimatum by opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema for the Government to re-open the closed universities and restore meal allowance is completely misplaced and speaks very poorly of his leadership skills.

He should know that Government does not work on such orders and if anything the statement is a direct provocation for the Government not to do the things that he asking for.

No wonder President Sata says HH is an under five. He wants support from the students who are a very small minority in the country but whose actions have angered many people especially those who property has been damaged.

He should know that many parents are paying huge sums of money to send their children for tertiary education, rendering the free money given to students a mockery of their efforts.

It is surprising also that HH could make such a comment when Government has announced that the universities will open in April. What is the point of him giving an ultimatum if it is not show his self-importance.

The problem, the way I see it is that the UPND was at the centre of the problems that were being caused at the universities. That is why he is giving ultimatum to show that he has influence.

This is a very wrong approach and will not convince many people.

Edward Tembo.


Post newspaper has a lot to answer for

The fact that Zambia Police is unable to deal with the information that has emerged that the conversation between Minister of Information Chishimba Kambwili and Kitwe district commissioner and patron of the Presidential Empowerment Fund for marketers, Chanda Kabwe, was secretly recorded is beyond doubt.

However, as we blame the organization for a lack of teeth, we should try to understand what really makes it non-proactive on matters of media ‘covert revelations’ (Daily Nation, March 19, 2016).

Both the Post Newspaper’s covert operations and the social media presented the two PF officials as political neophytes, unfit to govern. It was an obvious regime change ploy.

In the above context, it seems that the moment the Post Newspaper and its social media cohorts are challenged, they squeal for their “freedoms”.

But what about the freedoms of the individual citizen? In essence, the Post Newspaper attacks democracy as it attacks the freedom of the individual, which was rightfully hard fought for.

As in most former British colonies, Zambians paid with their blood for the freedom of the individual.

However, there is this cabal with its own agenda, screaming that its “rights” (the right word should be “wrongs”) should not be taken away.

Under “media freedoms”, gutter journalism is consistently promoted in Zambia, irrespectively of the rights of the individuals that are continually trampled on.

It is no coincidence that at the Post Newspaper, drama and sensationalism, character assassination, the misrepresentation of facts, tendentious reportage and trampling on individual rights are protected under the guise of “media freedoms”.

All in all, the conduct of Zambia’s private media and its support structures is embarrassing.

It’s failed dismally to self-regulate itself through its own ombudsman, PAZA. At the same time, it’s allowed, if not helped, tendentious gutter journalism to flourish.

Undoubtedly, the irresponsible private media has indeed overplayed its hand by destroying prominent individuals’ lives willy-nilly.

But, when this is being corrected by state authorities, the same media squeals.

In all working democracies, state corrections are made to ensure the growth of democracy. It is a natural process.

Finally, it seems that there is an agenda being promoted with the assistance of the Post Newspaper to weaken the PF through  “covert revelations”, including character assassinations, state secret leakages  and slanted reports. Certainly, the goal is to force the PF out of power or compel it to form a coalition with opposition parties. This will mean that the PF will be disempowered and finally destroyed.

The architects of these strategies will however not succeed, as the pro-PF voter base in all rural and urban markets remains too large, and the party too popular.

By all accounts, the Post Newspaper has a lot to answer for at any police interrogation.

Mubanga Luchembe,



Edgar Lungu is a noble man

It is refreshing to have a leader who understands where we are coming from as a nation.

Such a leader will always make policies and laws that do not favour him alone but which will take care of humanity.

President Edgar Lungu’s speech at opening the IPU conference for the first time was balanced.

He highlighted Zambian history from colonial to independence, from one party dispensation to multi party era and covered our common aspirations as Zambians.

I wish to congratulate him and his handlers. Thumbs up to his press aid Mr Amos Chanda, a leader could be as good his team.

I’m sure that the delegates to the IPU conference have a more clearer view of our country if they had known about Zambia from the Post newspaper and the Zambian Watchdog who could have portrayed Zambia as being fire.

Fortunate enough, the parliamentary world is currently in Zambia and they will see for themselves what Zambia is able to offer in areas of agriculture, energy and tourism coupled with friendly people and stable political environment.

When President Lungu speaks, one is able to see that the he knows where we are coming from and where he wants to see Zambia be five years from now.

It is even embarrassing to hear opposition political parties saying he has no vision, how myopic!

It has been a long walk to where we are in terms of structural as well as legal framework.

Mr Edgar Lungu being a good leader he is, he has put aside his personal view on many national issues because he knows that he is just the torch bearer of people’s aspirations.  He has given Zambians a constitution they so desired and has continued to build infrastructure such as roads across the country.  It feels good to have a leader who is collected and composed. It would be scaring if it was the UPND that was in power because it would be a combination of emotional and brutal leadership.

I shudder to imagine having a bitter man like HH as president, having a violent man like GBM as vice president.

In as much as he is indispensable, it will be difficult to replace such a noble man in 2021 since he has raised the bar so high, and I have no doubt, he will look at a broader picture when choosing a running mate.  He knows that his running mate is the potential president in the making, only one who has a heart for Zambians should be considered.

I appeal to Zambians not to listen to cheap talk of free education up to university, bringing back some mines that left the country when we needed them most.

Zambians should not to listen to liars who participated in privatisation of many companies and subsequently they bought the same companies.  Although the Post newspaper is trying to coat some leaders with sugar, they will not succeed because the same newspaper warned us never to give power to sworn tribalists and their Bantustan party.

Nothing has changed even the Post knows that. It is therefore, imperative to encourage President Lungu not to relent and to live the promise that he will protect the PF from being destroyed by the works of the cartel.

Enock Chulu,




He must ruthlessly deal with all who are linked to the infamous cartel. I know that they are powerful and have big money but with God’s hand, Edgar Lungu will emerge victorious against the cartel.

All his government needs to do is fish out all those civil servants who are working with the cartel.

We see a lot of them especially in the procurement departments of government agencies. They are frustrating government efforts in the procurement of essential goods such as medicines, farming inputs and fuel.

I can assure President Lungu that he has unconditional support from majority Zambians.

All that we are asking him to do for us is to intervene in the rising cost of goods and services. God give him wisdom and good health.


Enock Chulu,



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