Kalu deserves another term


Kalu deserves another term at the FAZ AGM today. It has taken Zambia almost 30 years to groom a soccer envoy of Kalu’s stature. He is head and shoulders above the rest. He is not perfect but he is simply the best in his specialized world of soccer. A national hero indeed.

Mwila Nkailwila, Ndola


 Seeing is believing


Was the Post newspaper right when they called the UPND the “Bantu Botatwe’ party? Look at the new MMD MPs that just joined them. Anyway, I am sure many are seeing.

Tainford Mwanza


Internet so costly


I wish to express my displeasure with the internet cost in this country and it’s not peculiar to the current global and nature-driven economic hardships. In this era where ICT has become a way of life – one can learn, buy, sell etc via this critical service. And yet the cost is so prohibitive to the common man. May the service provider ZICTA do something about it.

Eric Mano


HH politics will be buried on August 11


Zambians are determined to end HH’s 10-year politics. The power is in the hands of Zambians to show HH that the style of politics he has been practicing will be buried on Thursday August 11, 2016 and diplomats will witness the burial of regional and tribal politics.

Danny street vendor Kulima tower

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