No need for upnd – Jerabos  showdown

Dear Editor,

Allow me to comment on a story from your mature and balanced Daily Nation paper entitled GBM DARES JERABOS.

The looming showdown between UPND and Jerabos is miscalculated and risks lives and hence I would ask the police to do everything possible to abort it.

Looking at the “State Funeral” that was accorded to the late Jerabos leader, that should tell you that they are not 30. Jerabos have a presence on the Copperbelt especially in Kitwe. Wondering how a Jerabo leader could have a ministerial burial caused me to wonder because that was not what I expected. But I discover that, though they are somehow known to be “bad boys”, they have a side that has won the hearts of the city community. They are an off-shoot of poverty that came about by privatizing the mines. They are survivors who at times with the little they have, have payed school fees for some vulnerable children. Jerabos have helped some marketeers and young people start their small businesses. I also heard that they paid Zesco bills for one whole big community that was switched off for non payments. All this was not done for campaign, but good heartedness. Now such people need to be handled with wisdom and not confrontation because they have a lot support.

When you say our Party will meet them head-on, who do you mean will do that? Is it not your youths that will be sent to the battle field while you leaders will be safe in your homes or hotel rooms drinking coffee or some other stuff. Stop this love for violence and solve problems amicably. Ichibembe chitila ukupoka ichinsenda ku koko kunakilila, and the bible says, ““A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, But the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness.”Proverbs 15:1-2. Remember that it wasn’t Jerabos who started this threats of “Copperbelt No Go Area.” It was started by UPND leader who claimed that they had taken over the Copperbelt, how Jerabos have joined them and that other political parties would need permission to enter Copperbelt. Kalobo was just in his was way just trying to correct to lie. We don’t want youths blood shed on the Copperbelt.

Bishop Alick Malama.   


Hakainde Hichilema lies depressing

Dear Editor,

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema still insists the country has no maize stock for mealie meal and yet Southern Province where he is a miniature president is full of maize in FRA depots.

These lies will not take him to State House. Politicians have to walk hand in hand with morality instead of pretending to be heroes. Mr Hichilema is trying to play hero on national problems that are outside the capacity of every conceivable government to sort out.

Mr Hakainde is unsellable no matter how many Post newspaper stories are published in his favour.

The Post newspaper is disgraced and the most unreliable paper these days; only UPND cadres and those bitter against President Lungu read it.

Yet this is the paper Hakainde bowed down to the paper that used to brand his party as a bantustan for coverage out of sheer desperation for power.

Mr Hakainde went round the country campaigning but his friend Edgar Lungu who was busy fighting crafty Guy Scott and Miles Sampa had only two weeks.

Mr Hakainde is known everywhere looking at how many elections he has participated in and failed.

What makes Hichilema think that he can win these 2016 elections? I stay on the Copperbelt and I can tell Mr Hakainde that it is a lie to say UPND has taken over that province.

Everywhere Mr Hichilema goes in the province, he gets very low response from the locals except the people for whom he rents buses from as his strongholds.



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