Kalaba refuses to join UPND

BAHATI Patriotic Front (PF) Member of Parliament (MP) Harry Kalaba has vowed that he has no intentions of ditching the ruling party for the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) that has allegedly been courting him.

Mr Kalaba, who is Foreign Affairs minister, said he was aware that the UPND had been ‘praying and fasting’’ that he should join the opposition political party but had never considered resigning from the ruling party because he was comfortable and happy to belong to the PF.

Mr Kalaba said although the PF was not the “perfect team and cannot have all the solutions to the country’s challenges”, Zambians were economically and politically safer with the ruling party and President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Kalaba said he had noted that some people had constantly raised the question of whether he was contemplating resigning from the PF to join the UPND but that he was resolved to stay in the ruling party because he was happy and confident that President Lungu was going to be given a fresh mandate to continue governing the country.

He said as much as he had restrained himself from commenting on the affairs of other political parties such as the UPND, he felt morally obliged to assure his supporters that he was not leaving the PF as he was comfortable with the leadership of President Lungu.

Mr Kalaba said the 2016, being an election year, some people were going to employ every trick in the book  to prey on the weaknesses and flaws of their opponents in their desires to take over the governance of the country.

He stated that he was happy to belong to the PF under President Lungu because the ruling party had the sincerity of the heart to continue doing the best for Zambia and its citizens.

“I have noted those who have constantly raised the question of whether I am resigning from the PF and joining the UPND. Much as I have restrained myself from commenting on the affairs of other political parties, I feel morally obliged to assure my supporters and voters that I am comfortably seated on flight EL2016. I belong to the winning team of PF and as I have always stated, we may not be a perfect team and may not have all the answers, but we have the sincerity of heart to continue doing the best for Zambia and our citizens,” Mr Kalaba said.

He said the fact that the UPND was hunting for scalps from the PF party showed the calibre of leaders that were in the ruling party and that Zambia was headed for prosperity under President Lungu.

He however said there was need for continued hard work and that Zambians would have to rise and that President Lungu was right in the forefront in ensuring that Zambia prospered.

“President Lungu does not only get my thumbs up but he has earned my respect and following because one thing I have been taught was to follow men who do rather than talk,” Mr Kalaba said.

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