The Post newspaper has lost it


The post newspaper’s attack of the speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini over what was alleged as a forged government documents involving the Timor consulting company published by the post newspaper to discredit the forthcoming tripartite elections is the worst disrespect of the National Assembly by an unethical newspaper in the modern times.

What Fred M’membe is forgetting is that the Zambia watchdog which is their source of news is fond of fabricating stories and documents purported to be government documents.

The post newspaper should realise that they are not dealing with experienced politicians like the late Michael Sata who used to have genuine leaked government documents, but are dealing with inexperienced politicians who know little about government operations.

People who can’t know the difference between a genuine and a fake document, and people who are blinded by bitterness of the Head of State.

HH is so desperate, therefore, he some times fail to recognise his handwriting on a piece of paper as long as it’s content discredits Lungu and is presented to him by a different person.

The Post must learn to respect other stakeholders, why do they want to destroy all individuals of integrity such as the Speaker?

I’m sure Zambians are following keenly the works of both the Post and UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the opposition.

What HH does in the opposition is what he can do even in government, so his lack of consultation, his lack of respect for divergent views, and know it all altitude is what makes up his personality.

It is shocking that some NGOs could be so naive to think that under UPND of HH they can work freely and insult government the way they do under Edgar Lungu of the PF.

What we need to do is form an alliance with his government as citizens of this blessed country so that President Lungu can continue to work for us beyond 2016. Vote Edgar Lungu for a bright future.

Enock chulu


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