Increase in cholera cases worries Lusaka residents

THE continued increase in the number of cholera cases in Lusaka district has caused panic and concern among residents from various townships.

The residents feared that if the virus was not contained soon it would spread to other parts of Zambia and start killing people at a much faster rate.

They have accused the Ministry of Health of not putting up enough measures to stop the virus from spreading to other parts of the district.

Jack Lengwe, a resident of Kanyama, said that the residents in the area had been living in fear since the disease broke out in February.

Mr. Lengwe said that there was need for the Ministry of Health to intensify measures of stopping further spread of the disease.

He said that even before the disease broke out the residents of Kanyama were always appealing to the relevant authorities to ensure that they checked on the health and hygiene conditions in the area from time to time but all fell on the deaf ear.

Mr. Lengwe said that the disease was now spreading rapidly and he blamed it on the authorities who had allegedly been reluctant all this time to ensure that the town centre and the surrounding compounds were kept clean.

Regina Daka of Matero said people were worried that the disease could easily spread from Kanyama to Bauleni and then Matero.

Ms. Daka said that the residents should stand up and ensure that they started promoting hygiene and good health in their area because putting an end to the cholera virus should start with every individual ensuring that their surroundings were clean and well maintained.

She said it was not entirely up to the Ministry of Health or the council and Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) alone to fight the spread of cholera but instead it should involve all members of the public.

“If we all keep saying that it is the authorities that should be blamed for the increasing cholera cases it will keep getting worse.

“And before we realize it the disease will be countrywide and people will be dying; so it is important that before the disease spreads any further we the residents in various townships and compounds work hard to ensure that we keep and maintain clean environments all the time,’’ she said.

And in an effort to curb the spread of cholera Lusaka City Council has said that there was need for members of the public to refrain from public gatherings until after the disease was contained.

LCC public relations manager Mulunda Habeenzu said that the decision was taken to stop the disease from spreading to other parts of the city.

He said it was important that members of the public adherred  to the rules that were being taken by the authorities to ensure that the cholera was put to an end.

Mr. Mulunda said that the council and other stakeholders were doing their best to ensure that they contained the spread of cholera while it was also the responsibility of each individual to help stop the spread.-Millennium Radio 90.5FM


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