Matibitini equal to the task, says Fr Chiti


SPEAKER of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has been handling potential conflicts and complaints in Parliament with integrity and a lot of experience, Fr Leonard Chiti has said.

Yesterday, the Post newspaper accused Dr Matibini of being unfair after he told Parliament that he could not rely on the Post publication of two letters concerning the Government’s involvement with Timor Consulting of Israel as they were not authenticated by Government and the House.

“It is therefore not fair and just for the Speaker to insinuate that it is not uncommon for us to publish falsehoods. And what is sad is that the Speaker is doing so from a platform where he is protected and we are not in a position to go for him in defending ourselves, our work and our integrity. Given his decent background, we expect more fairness and justice from this Speaker,” read part of the Post editorial comment.

But Fr Chiti said Dr Matibini is equal to the task and warned against injuring his reputation because he was a good man.

“When we elected the Speaker we were looking for somebody of integrity, a person who has a lot of experience in dealing with potential conflicts and handling complaints,” Fr Chiti said.

“So the fact that Dr Matibini was elected suggests that he is equal to the task.”

He challenged those accusing the Speaker of being biased to provide impeccable evidence before injuring his reputation.

“I think that if there is strong evidence that he has been impartial by favoring one party than the other then that evidence should be adduced,” he said.

Fr Chiti appealed to those who felt the Speaker was biased to follow the correct procedure so that he was accorded a chance to give his side of the story.

“Let us avoid injuring the repetition of a good man,” Fr Chiti said.

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