Chitimukulu is head of Bemba chiefs – Bemba royalist


THERE is only one Paramount Chief for Northern and Muchinga provinces and no one should mislead Zambians that they can secede from the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE), a Bemba royalist has charged.

Edward Mumbi said the BRE was a well-documented and respected traditional authority which the dethroned chiefs Chewe and Chimbuka of Muchinga Province should not politicise and belittle.

“Therefore the dethroned Chief Chewe and Chief Chimbuka are very insulting and need to be schooled in our royal establishment and the traditional high ranking,” he said.

Mr Mumbi, who was speaking as a concerned son of the Bemba kingdom, said the statement from the two chiefs that Muchinga Province has seceded from Northern Province was unfortunate and misleading.

He said the Muchinga region and its people was subordinate to Paramount Chief Chitimukulu despite that it was still a respected and treasured part of the Bemba chiefdom whose traditional leadership participates in traditional rituals of the BRE.

“The two chiefs are completely misled and should stop misleading Zambians. They should stop politicising BRE because it is a very well documented establishment that the two misled chiefs cannot change.

‘‘There is only one paramount chief in the Bemba chiefdom,” he said.

Mr Mumbi, who is UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s special advisor, said there was no documentation from either the Government or successive Presidents to show that Muchinga had seceded from the Northern Province royal establishments.

Mr Mumbi explained that the two provinces were still under one paramount chief Chitimukulu who superintended over all the chiefs in Northern and Muchinga provinces.

“The fact that our paramount chief is Henry Kanyanta Sosala does not change anything from our royal establishment. Those after him will take over as Chitimukulu but with their other names.’’

He emphasised that politics should at all times stay away from matters of tradition as well as chiefs and their powers.

Mr Mumbi has advised the ruling Patriotic Party not to get involved in matters of traditional leadership.

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