Chitembeya sure of victory

as he promises to sweep corruption activities at Football House


FAZ presidential candidate Henschel Chitembeya has pronounced victory in Saturday’s elective annual general meeting (AGM) as he promises to sweep corruption activities at Football House.

Chitembeya confidently said he will win the FAZ presidential post despite facing stiff competition from incumbent Kalusha Bwalya and Andrew Kamanga.

He said it was time that transparency and accountability came into play at Football House that has seen revelations of corruption activities the past years.

“It is time to clean up the mess under the carpet at FAZ. For how long will the lower division teams suffer when Football House makes money through replica jerseys and gate takings?

“ The women teams continue to be undermined with the current FAZ giving excuses of financial challenges,” he said.

He said he would ensure the technical committee fulfilled its mandate and not the current kiosk (katemba) selection style of players and coaches.

“There is need for selfless leaders to take over administration of FAZ and bring sanity to the game. Councillors know all these problems and will be required to vote objectively,” he said.

He said it was unfortunate that some councillors were still blinded by material things, forgetting the sufferings of their clubs.

Meanwhile, vice-presidential candidate Richard Kazala said he had done his homework and was hopeful of winning the post.

Kazala explained to the delegates what he was able to do and received massive support from the grassroots.

“My idea of contesting the vice-president position is not to milk FAZ but to invest in the soccer body. I want to make sure I help in providing a platform for the young people in rural areas to showcase their talent.

“Above all to bring transparency in the day-to-day running of the secretariat. All football divisions should feel part and parcel of FAZ,” he said.

Other candidates contesting the vice-president position include incumbent Boniface Mwamelo, Mofya Chisala, Kephas Katongo and FAZ committee member Pivoty Simwanza.

FAZ through the communications manager Nkweto Tembwe had announced that all was on course for the hosting of the elective AGM at Moba hotel in Kitwe on Saturday.


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