Kalusha still best man for FAZ top job


Allow me to reflect on the upcoming FAZ elections. It is always shocking how Andrew Kamanaga, Simaata, and the rest think they can beat Kalu by trying to stop him from standing.

Why can’t they just campaign and possibly lose without threatening going to court and wanting Kalusha not to stand because of an accusation of corruption we don’t believe in?

It’s like the London judgment that people like Fred and his minions wanted registered in the Zambians courts.

Some time back, they even formed their association to try to oust the Great Kalu only to be denied in Zurich.

These gentlemen must not be cowards but courageous and stand against one of the most influential men in world football.

Indeed he doesn’t even have to campaign to beat the guys because his resume’ speaks volumes:

1. The best we have ever produced.

2. African footballer of the year 1988.

3. Led the reconstructed national team to the CAF finals, could have even led the team to the World Cup if it wasn’t for DIRAMBA cheating us. #

4.The first and only FAZ chief to win the Africa Cup

5. A CAF executive member.

6. Now named among the top 10 African football players in the African Hall of Fame.

Let’s give this man another mandate to take us to the World Cup this time around.

Michael Mulenga.

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One Response to “Kalusha still best man for FAZ top job”

  1. Nawa says:

    Mulenga watch out team#Kamanga,,, wht has Kalu done apart frm Scorin goas


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