Careful with defectors, PF warned


The Patriotic Front should be very careful with the so-called defectors because the same thing happened in the MMD in 2010 and 2011. We saw many people aligning themselves to the then ruling party but were disappointed. The party was receiving many defectors from PF and other political parties but during the time of voting people changed the government.


PF Member


Lame political media houses


The way some media houses are reporting is purely based on the political affiliations. Their main aim is to finish the PF and push it out of Government. In short it is about power and not reporting in the nation’s interest. It is purely for personal interest.

Concerned Zambian


Put humps on Lumumba Road


We the people of Chinika area are asking our civic leaders to appeal to Lusaka City Council to provide us with a safe crossing point on Lumumba Road which has become dangerous to all pedestrians. We are suggesting that the local authority put up humps between Manal and Beller especially at Beller where most people and pupils cross when coming and returning from Chinika Secondary School. Since this road was worked on pedestrians were not considered.

E. H. . Syakakaye

Chinika resident, Lusaka



UPND cadres invited

police wrath


I would like to appeal to Home Affairs Minister Davis Mwila not to entertain calls by some opposition political party leaders to investigate the so-called police brutality, not until they educate their thugs not to be lawbreakers. The stubbornness of UPND cadres is the root cause of police brutality. Surely, do you want the police to fold their hands when these cadres throw stones and use catapults to fight the police? Why are they not condemning the violent cadres?

DC,  Lusaka


 The ugly face of political violence


The Youth Day mayhem witnessed in Lusaka is a scandal to say the least. It should not happen in a country which has been declared a Christian nation. I call on all political leaders, especially PF and UPND, to condemn their cadres for their violence which will not take them anywhere.

Paul Daka, Lusaka


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