That leaked Timor Consulting letter

Dear Editor,

It was hugely not surprising that the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini ruled that the Post Newspaper’s leaked letter which UPND Mazabuka Central member of Parliament Gary Nkombo laid on the table purported to have been written by State House regarding Timor Consulting, an Israeli company allegedly engaged by the PF government to provide consulting services for the 2016 general elections, was not authentic by parliamentary practice (Daily Nation, March 12, 2016).

The alacrity with which these Timor Consulting claims were taken by UPND lawmakers was not matched by an equivalent sense of urgency when it came to delivering on the promise of a better life for all Zambians.

Now the efficacy of Zambia’s intelligence services, lapses within the State House operatives, and operational weaknesses across the entire Zambian security apparatus, are being questioned.

Last year, before the State of the Nation presidential speech was

delivered in Parliament, the Post Newspaper launched an audacious leakage of the same speech, an unprecedented, nasty blame game ensued among the Zambian Police, intelligence services, Cabinet Office operatives, and the public in the full glare of the media.

Hitherto classified State security material was leaked to the Post Newspaper in a messy mish-mash of finger-pointing, speaking of turf wars among the various security agencies.

Accusations of corruption and inaction have also been levelled against the security services.

After the Post Newspaper’s presidential speech leakage, many people had expected a purge in the security services, but this never happened and the haunting seems to have kicked in.

President Edgar Lungu still retains the same security top brass he inherited from President Michael Sata.

The full repercussions of the Timor Consulting leaked letter are yet to seep in, but signs that this State security leakage was a political hot potato and ill-advised have begun to emerge.

The sporadic political attacks by the opposition and increase in the Post Newspaper’s criminal leaks have besmirched the Lungu-led Government and revealed serious lapses within Zambia’s security architecture.

The Timor Consulting leaked letter has exposed the soft underbelly of the Zambian security nexus, which seems beholden to the cartel malpractices and abuses.

It has also posed a challenge to President Lungu’s administration to rethink and reengineer the Zambian security system in light of the emerging threats to continue publishing either fake or authentic State security documents by the Post Newspaper in the name of corrupted press freedom.

Mubanga Luchembe,



Kabimba created poverty in Zambia

Dear Editor

Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba should not take Zambians for fools.

Who does not know that Kabimba has spent more time in PF than in his little Rainbow Party?

He was one of the top brass in the PF from the time it formed government in which he fully participated but still failed to fight poverty and criminality.

So for me he is the last person to tell us to vote out PF to end poverty and criminality.

The panga era came when he was PF secretary-general, so who does he want to fool this time around?

He kept hiding the Constitution at his office because he enjoyed enormous amount of power in PF. Who does not know that?

Now just because he was fired for perhaps not performing to expectation and decided to form his minor party, which is not going anywhere, he should be the last person to condemn PF.

On the other hand I personally do not trust politicians who appear to have one mother and father.

If for arguments’ sake HH formed government he will spend most of his time telling us that he is trying to clean the mess left by PF. We have heard that song many times before. They are the same people.

Before they are voted into power, they will promise the people the moon but when they get there, it becomes a totally changed story.

But there is a wise English idiom on the lines of embracing the devil you know than an angel you have no clue of.

Presently Mr Hichilema is promising us heaven and the nice fruits because obviously he has no idea what problems are in this country.

It is all easy to be an armchair critic but when faced with reality that is when people sober up and appreciate what others have been doing.

As for me I would put my money on Lungu because he is certainly not greedy for power. He is a gentleman who also fears God. Those are remarkable qualities for his leadership which I do not see in others fighting for Plot One.

Zambians are not suckers. They know who they will vote for and burn the time wasters who are only there to spoil things.

I wish President Lungu all the best on August 11 because he has proved to be a good leader who does not depend on tribe for success.


Pardon Chanda Red beret copy cats

Dear Editor

The red uniform worn by the UPND is a provocation that must be dealt with by law enforcement agencies. There is no doubt that the uniform is a copycat of the EFF of South Africa.

Julius Malema’s South Africa is very different from Zambia. Here we do not deliberately confront authority for the purposes of disgracing and demonizing. We are in a democracy that still works with civility.

Apart from the provocative uniform, the language and mannerism of the UPND is equally irritating as they feel to be above everyone.

The clashes on Saturday during youth day should have been expected because this was the first time that the UPND were participating and their intention including the language they were using showed that their intentions were not particularly in resonance with the day.

They were chanting slogans against the President instead of   respecting the day as a youth occasion.

Somebody must educate our UPND friends to be civil in their conduct and language. Their tone on radio phone-in programmes is always confrontational and in a very bad language.

For some reason they are convinced they will form Government in August this year and if indeed they win how do they expect the opposition to conduct itself? JKL

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