RB rejects talks

NEVERS Mumba must find it within his heart and in the calling of his vocation as a man of the cloth, to bring an end to the divisions and wrangles in the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), former president Rupiah Banda has said.

“A one- on- one reconciliation meeting with me will serve no useful purpose because I have no ambitions in the party. Those who are aggrieved and in contention are the people Dr. Mumba must deal with to heal the party and bring it back to vitality.” former president Banda said.

He revealed that nothing had come out of a one-on-one meeting held previously stating: “We met in the office of Lusaka lawyer Makebi Zulu and discussed matters extensively. He was supposed to release and publicize the outcome of that meeting, but nothing has come of it. What benefit will another meeting have?” Mr Banda said.

The solution, he said, was dialogue with the suspended and expelled members of the MMD who wanted to play a role in the party to which they had belonged for a long time.

Mr Banda implored Dr Mumba to resolve the


wrangles in the former ruling party than resorting to disciplinary actions and expulsions because such acts would not help reconcile and heal the party.

The former president said he did not see the value of a one-to-one meeting with Dr Mumba because the problems in the MMD did not involve him (Mr Banda) but were between the members of the MMD and Dr Mumba.

Mr Banda said in an interview that since he had no intention of coming back into active politics or support anybody else, he could not understand why Dr Mumba was calling for a one-to-one meeting with him.

“I personally have no ambitions in the party, but I am worried as former President that the party is being torn apart and in the process losing the advantage it enjoyed over many of the emerging parties “former president Banda said.

He said as a former leader of the MMD, all he desired was to see the former ruling party reconcile and become united if it were to remain relevant to the politics of the country.

He said Dr Mumba had been governing the MMD through antagonism and that there was need for him to reconcile with other members of the MMD who desired to participate in the political activism of the country through the former ruling party.

He stated that as a Christian leader, Dr Mumba should understand there shall always be members in the party that were going to be critical against him as well as oppose his leadership style.

“The answer to the MMD wrangles is not to continue disciplining or expelling members from the party. Dr Mumba must provide leadership and I am begging him as a Christian leader to provide leadership in the MMD in order to bring together many members who are Zambians and want to participate in the political activism of the country within the MMD, the party they love and have always belonged to,” former president Banda said.

The former president said he had nothing against Dr Mumba but his biggest desire was to see that the MMD was united again so that its members could freely and happily participate in the country’s political affairs.

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2 Responses to “RB rejects talks”

  1. Harry says:

    But MMD is gone. MPs of substance have resigned and most of the remaining ones will not even win back their seats except a few ones maybe 3 or 4. What is there to salvage?

  2. Kunta Kinte Jr says:

    The Pastor thinks MMD is his church. Why doesn’t he want a convention? If he is popular go for the Convention. He will remain alone in that party. MMD is part of Zambia’s history, it should not be killed by selfish individuals who cling to power when they have no legitimacy left. Call for a Convention and all those you have expelled will come back


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