Opposition lacks substance, says Chifire

NONE of the opposition political parties has provided its ideology and clear programme agenda as they jostle to participate in the August 11 elections, Citizens Coalition president Gregory Chifire has said.

Mr Chifire said most of the discussions from the political leaders lacked issues, substance and bent on personality and character assassination.

“In 2011 the Patriotic Front was voted in by the majority voters because of its agenda and ideology of ensuring common citizens to benefit from the country’s rich resources and has continued with that agenda,’’ he said.

Mr Chifire implored Zambians to evaluate the performance of the PF government and as well as critically analyze the economic and social programme agenda of all the other political parties who were positioning themselves to be elected into government.

“Our concern as the Citizens Coalition is that none of the opposition political parties has provided its ideology and clear program agenda because their discussions have lacked issues and substance and are bent on personality and character assassination of the leadership of the Patriotic Front and its presidential candidate in the 2016 general election,” he said.

He urged Zambians to be wary of voting for politicians that do not have the interests of the people of Zambia at heart but only identify themselves with causes that have direct benefit to themselves and their families.

“If such politicians were to take over Government, they would take this country back to the land of misery and pain because they do not represent the interest of the majority poor but foreign companies that have been heavily funding their campaigns to take over Government on August 11 2016.’’

Mr Chifire said it was the responsibility of every Zambian to ‘‘open their hearts, minds and ears against the voice of deceit’’ that had been going round the country promising citizens that they had solutions to the country’s social and economic challenges.

“Such politicians have their history well documented of how their capitalistic greed ripped off the country during the privatization exercise and amassed enormous personal wealth and condemned millions of families into destitution especially on the Copperbelt.’’

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