HH owes Zambians an apology-Lubinda

HAKAINDE Hichilema owes Zambians an apology for telling the international community through a BBC broadcast that Government had exported all the maize at $US200 and was now importing the grain at $US500 per tonnes contrary to the prevailing situation, Agriculture Minister Given Lubinda has said.

He said Mr Hichilema has become a danger to the country’s growing democracy by exhibiting dangerous traits of dictatorship and Zambians should reject his selfish desire of taking up the governance of the country, Given Lubinda has said.

Mr Lubinda said Zambians would certainly reward Mr Hichilema by voting against him for praying  that Zambia’s economy should collapse for him to win the presidency in the August general elections.

He stated that Mr Hichilema owed Zambians an apology for deliberately misinforming the international community that Zambia was in a food crisis when the truth was that the country was food secure.

Mr Lubinda, who is Agriculture Minister, said Mr Hichilema was a self-centred man who was suffering from egoism that had made him


unsuitable to take up the leadership of the country.

He said in an interview that Mr Hichilema was willing to trade his soul with whoever would promise him victory in the coming general elections and that was why Zambians were going to reject him again in the coming general elections.

Mr Lubinda said he had been informed that Mr Hichilema was allegedly paying some people to influence and create an artificial shortage of maize on the market and cause panic among millers and the general citizenry.

“On 13th August, Zambians shall reward Mr Hichilema for his dictatorial tendencies. Mr Hichilema will be rewarded for praying for famine so that Zambians can suffer. He has been trying hard to create fear among citizens that the economy was collapsing so that citizens can revolt against President Lungu and the PF. Dictators survive by invoking fear in the people. They survive by creating pain among citizens so that the can remain in power and that is why Zambians must consider Mr Hichilema a danger to the country’s growing democracy,” Mr Lubinda said. Mr Lubinda said he was aware that Mr Hichilema had allegedly been praying for a drought so that there could be famine in the country which would force Zambians to rise against President Lungu and the Patriotic Front (PF)

He said however that Zambians were lucky to have President Lungu who had been praying to God, calling upon His name for solutions to the economic challenges the country was facing.

Mr Lubinda has challenged the UPND leadership for a live television programme to discuss the food security in the country so that he could show them that they were nothing but cheap political liars.

“I am challenging Mr Hichilema with his UPND team for a live television debate on any media house including the BBC where he was telling lies. I will show them that they are nothing but liars who in desperation for power have resorted to cheap political lies. But Zambians cannot be fooled by such cheap tactics and have seen through them,” Mr Lubinda said.

He said Mr Hichilema was unlikely to win the presidency in the coming general elections and that his participation in the country’s politics would end after August this year.

Get political parties on the directive by President Lungu that all civil servants who have filed in their applications to be adopted to contest political positions should immediately resign.

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