Very dangerous propaganda

It is incredulous that for the last two months the issue of the shadowy Israeli company, Timor, has graced our media and the National Assembly, without the slightest attempt by the Police to put an end to it.

The Vice President Ms. Inonge Wina was put to task to explain the letter in spite of previous statements that neither State House nor Government was aware of the letter. In short the letter is a forgery, which falls within the ambit of criminal law.

The failure by Police to take action   on the matter raises very serious question in the minds of most right thinking Zambians.

We share the concern expressed by Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Honourable Kambwili who has challenged the Police to explain their failure to act on the forged letters that were even displayed in Parliament.

Equally UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, must explain to the Zambian people how he could have told the international media, specifically, the British Broadcasting Corporation  that Zambia  was importing maize at US$500 per tonne having irresponsibly and callously sold off its own stocks at US$200 per tonne.

The intention of the statement was to portray the Government in the most negative light possible and to win favour with the local and international community.

We have known HH for a long time and he is usually not prone to such careless and false statements. Something has gone wrong because ordinarily he would have been the first person to verify that Zambia is an oasis of plenty in a desert of drought and hunger.

All our neighboring countries are getting maize from Zambia, informally and formally. President Lungu is being forced to deploy Zambia National Service to stop exports from Eastern Province where truckloads of maize are being smuggled into Malawi by traders who want to make a quick killing at the expense of Zambian consumers.

Hon Given Lubinda is right in expressing serious indignation about the alleged food crisis tht this country is facing because none exists.

 The story about imports is false. It is propaganda.

Propaganda is the deliberate dissemination of false information to wear down opposition in a psychological campaign designed to alter public perception with the desire of promoting a political agenda.

Propaganda is very different from the role that media should play in disseminating factual information to enable the audience make an informed decision.

It is a very well-known fact that propaganda does not respect the truth. It thrives on lies and half-truths in order to demonize and therefore undermine the opposing actors or party.

The tragedy is that such propaganda may have very serious consequences because people will often make decisions on wrong information. For example Zambians will begin to buy maize in bulk to avoid an anticipated shortage or price hike.

In the last few days the capital city has been rife with stories of impending fuel shortages on account of anticipated price hikes.

As a result people have been rushing to top up tanks. This in turn creates pressure as the demand exceeds normal consumption. Badly handled a shortage could very easily result because vehicles which normally run on near empty tanks will now be running on full tanks creating an artificial supply shortage.

Propaganda is very dangerous because it exposes the population to contrived circumstances which could elicit varying degrees of despondency and unrest.

There is need for calm and peace as we proceed towards the August election. It is not enough to suggest that the end justifies the means. This is wrong. Politicians owe it to the populace to ensure tranquility because violence is not only destructive but affects the most innocent more seriously.

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One Response to “Very dangerous propaganda”

  1. M&M says:

    You ask HH to explain himself yet you pass judgement on him. Are serious?

    Here your statement:
    “We have known HH for a long time and he is usually not prone to such careless and false statements.”

    Olo kapena cizungu cakuvutani?


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