Sexually starved wife drags hubby to court


By Nation Reporter

A WOMAN told a Lusaka Local Court that her husband does not want to touch her despite making advances to him so that they can make love.

This is in a case in which Margret Mwesa, 53, a business woman of Chazanga compound sued her husband, Gift Banda for reconciliation.

Mwesa told Senior Court Magistrate Newa at Matero Local Court while shedding tears that she did not want to lose her husband because she had nowhere to go.

She explained that Banda spent nights out and threatened to divorce her every time there was a misunderstanding and he did not want to touch her while in bed.

She had tried in vain to make advances to Banda so that he could make love to her but her husband would instead place a blanket in the middle to avoid body contact. Mwesa further said that Banda did not have time to chat with the family because he always came home upset. “I wonder what I did to Banda, there is no peace in our home and we fear to stay in the house if he is at home. I admire my friends who joke with their husbands,” said Mwesa.

In defence, Banda said he was not interested in making love with Mwesa because she was breastfeeding.

Banda explained that he did not want to divorce Mwesa, adding that he loved her and children.

Magistrate Newa reconciled the couple and urged Banda to take care of the family.

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