I’m Sorry; But Teacher registration alone will NOT enhance standards…

By Mwiine Lubemba

 In the Friday issue of this newspaper, I read the following news clip. “No teacher will be allowed to work in public or private schools without being registered by the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ),”and the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) will not employ an unregistered Teacher. And both the TCZ and TSC expect the standards of education to improve thereafter. I’m sure the Daily Nation Journalist did not make this story up.

I’m also sure our colleagues at the Ministry of General Education must have sat hours on end and thought this through very carefully and have in place somewhere in their implementation schedules whatever else was not captured in this news story that will ensure our education standards both at our private and public schools are to the highest standards.

I say this because recently, long before the TCZ registration of teachers was enacted—maybe, I found out that my granddaughter, a baptized catholic at birth, has lost her faith in God because somebody is teaching her evolution at school. What I find disturbing is that parents have no say over the curriculum being taught in both public and private school system. In addition the local school Board (PTA) has no control over the content in the textbooks. The author of the textbook has full control over its content, and nobody, that I can find, has the power to question it, and no one has the power to validate the information within the text book. Publishers print the bestselling textbook regardless of the honesty and integrity of the information within it.

Fortunately, after talking to her and explaining the hoax behind the theory of evolution in detail, my granddaughter regained her faith in God, but many of her friends are not as fortunate. After thinking about the effect evolution had on my granddaughter, I decided to attend one of the PTA meetings together with my son and daughter in Law at which I raised the issue of their school curriculum quality and spoke simplistically on the hoax behind the science of evolution as it is taught in some private schools and I’m told in our public schools as well that my granddaughter had been made to believe is truth. Fortunately, there were several parents with strong Christian beliefs at the meeting, some with science PhD degrees who seemed to agree.

In my contribution I tried to explain to this small PTA audience that the theory of evolution that is being taught to our kids is based on belief and as a Christian nation who believe in creation, we must try as much as possible to discourage its teaching in our schools.  The physical evidence presented to support evolution has been discredited as hoaxes, and includes Haeckel’s fraudulent embryo drawings. According to the science articles, Haeckel’s drawings show vertebrate embryos of different animals passing through identical stages of development. But the impression they give, that the embryos are exactly alike, is wrong.

It’s interesting to note that some textbooks still use the evidence for the Nebraska man in America that turned out to be a single pig’s tooth that was dug up in Nebraska. There’s no real evidence to support evolution, and that makes it a belief, not a scientific fact that must be taught in any Biology class.

Moreover, if I dug ug up the bones of an ape or monkey like Broken Hill man, how would I know that this animal ever had any offspring, or that the offspring lived long enough to procreate? I could conclude that the monkey was the last of it’s kind, or an ancestor of chimpanzees, and my conclusion would be more scientifically valid since it’s based on a presupposition.

Digging up old monkey bones and passing them off as the remains of an ancestor of man, without any evidence whatsoever to support that conclusion, is not science, I could have said it’s idiocy, but I must refrain!

In addition, all the false evidence presented to support evolution doesn’t say much for the theory, but it does call into question the integrity of people presenting known hoaxes as science. Having to falsify evidence to support the theory, should cast a dark shadow over it. In light of the fraud evolutionists continue to perpetuate to support the theory; one has to conclude that the theory is a hoax because it’s based on hoaxes, misrepresentation, misinterpretation and conjecture.

It should not matter at what stage our children are taught or tempted to use the so called evolution science in their study, it may be at secondary or graduate level study, since known hoaxes are still being cited as scientific proof for the theory of evolution, then it’s a forgone conclusion that the character and integrity of science is no better than the people who perpetuate these hoaxes and call it science.  Based on all the available evidence, I have to conclude that evolution is the Zambian Bikiloni and Diffikoti side show of science, and should not be taken seriously, and certainly should not be taught in private and public schools.

In conclusion, where we’ve proven science this is not being taught in our schools.

I’ve seen the science textbooks that our secondary school kids are using still have four places in the seventh row of the periodic table empty and I wonder how many registered science teachers by now know that with the confirmation of the existence, though in milliseconds, of the four new elements, it now completes the seventh row of the periodic table?

Heavy elements with atom numbers 113,115, 117 and 118 have been synthesised and confirmed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

We mention this because we expect our registered teachers to be aware of this new true scientific discovery and teach our kids the existence of these new elements because since these elements have been officially discovered, the institutions responsible will get to choose permanent names for them and that means as our children progress in their education they’ll need to be aware of their existence, because it’ll be a while before textbooks and posters can be updated, as the new names and symbols still have to be approved by the inorganic chemistry division of IUPAC and submitted for public review. This process is particularly important as they have to go through all the archives to check if each name has never been used before. This should take say—four to six months.

So far, no one claims to have discovered 119 or any elements heavier than it and our registered teachers need to know this and impart this knowledge to our kids. Researchers are hopeful that an ‘island of stability’ may exist beyond element 118, allowing production of further super heavy elements, although exactly where this island can be found or whether it exists at all is still a matter of debate. No one knows when that sighting will be … it could be next week, it could take a year or 10 years – even when someone claims a discovery they have to prove it. It’s a great unknown right now.

We doubted whether the registration of teachers will translate into improved education standards without the increased knowledge base in teachers who are employed to impart their total knowledge base to our kids. If our teachers themselves had a poor secondary level backgrounds or entry standards or poor university level education it can only mean they’ll be sharing their now acquired certified or registered ignorance with pupils.

The fact that it was found necessary to register our teachers does in itself speak for the poor primary and secondary competence levels that our kids achieve that has led to even poorer understanding of higher levels of inquiry that our colleges and universities demand to the extent some courses have had to be diluted to suit the competency levels of kids at or joining higher institutions of learning.

The public has also steadily been losing confidence in undergraduate education, given that we hear constantly how poorly educated are today’s graduates and how few well-paying jobs await them.

The cost of college itself is a national scandal. Collective student scholarships in Zambia run into billions of kwacha. Campus political correctness is now daily news.

Now that our primary and secondary school teachers have to be registered and certified, the next is how higher education could be held accountable and thereby be reformed?

Just like the government is trying hard to repair the damage of lower education standards, higher education should not leave students unprepared for the real world upon graduation. Registration of teachers may repair the damage at lower education level, but how does society know whether tax payers money into student’s expensive scholarship investments in their professors and courses have led to any quantifiable knowledge?

Lawyers with degree can only practice after passing bar exams. Doctors cannot practice medicine upon completion of their degrees unless they are board certified and so are engineers, pharmacists etc. Why can’t undergraduate and those post graduate degrees who supervise them likewise be certified? One can certainly imagine the ensuing hysteria.


Just a thought,


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