PF canes UPND over ferrying of cadres


THE UPND has been ferrying its cadres from across the country to public places such as the police and courts in an attempt to inflate its popularity and have in the process caused chaos and mayhem, the Patriotic Front (PF) has charged.

PF media committee member Brian Hapunda said the UPND had allegedly been hiring cadres to attend their paty functions and that when its vice-president for administrations was arrested on Wednesday last week, the party had bussed hundreds of youths from as far as Kasama, Choma, Kafue and other areas.

He said the violent clashes between the police and the UPND cadres was as a result of the opposition party importing cadres which should be stopped because it caused breach on the peace of the country.

Mr Hapunda said in an interview yesterday that the PF was aware that the UPND had been ferrying cadres from different parts of the country to stage solidarity matches for some of their leaders who had come into conflict with the law.

He said most of the youths the UPND was gathering often were not aware of the assignment they were being collected for and that most of them only discovered that they were being used to stage solidarity matches upon arrival in Lusaka.

Mr Hapunda said the PF was on record of having done away with the culture of ferrying cadres from other parts of the country to attend party functions and it was therefore important that the UPND should stop the habit because it had become a cause of violence.

“It is unfortunate that each time the UPND have a function or one of their leaders is summoned by the police of is appearing in court, they have to buss their cadres from as far as Kasama, Choma, Kafue and many other places. The case in point is when the UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba was summoned at Woodlands police station and the UPND had to bus youths from Kasama, Choma and Kafue and some of them did not even know why they were being loaded on buses to Lusaka. The result was the chaos and mayhem and you do measure popularity by importing cadres and the UPND is not cheating anyone but itself,” Mr Hapunda said.

Mr Hapunda appealed to youths in the country to reject to be used as tools of violence by selfish politicians advising that the young generation should instead invest their energy into working hard  to d\develop the country.

He said parents should also take the responsibility of counselling their children to avoid politicians who were in the habit of using youths as agents of violence.

“I urge my fellow youths to use the Youth Day celebrations to deeply reflect on the conduct of some of the politicians. The youths should be wise and expose politicians who want to use young people as tools of violence for their selfish reasons. Let the youths say no to violence and hooliganism,” Mr Hapunda said.

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