No splinter in MMD, says youth leader


NO-ONE is planning to break away from the opposition MMD but the present leadership who are flouting the party constitution and purging genuine members for the reasons best known to themselves are the cause of the problem, says MMD Munali constituency youth chairman Geoffrey Mulenga.

Mr Mulenga said assertions by party president Nevers Mumba that there was a splinter group in MMD were not true, saying should the party continue with the current squabbles its participation  in the August 11 general election would be a waste of resources.

He said MMD must go for a convention next month to bring the party back to its original status.

“It is not acceptable that people talk about reconciliation and yet they do not want to accommodate people who appear to be trying to redeem the party simply because they have got their own agenda that suits them,” he said.

Mr Mulenga said Dr Mumba should be subjected to an election through the convention just in the same manner he was elected to hold that position.

He said it would be difficult and risky for MMD to work with the PF because the majority of the MMD members who supported the PF even in the January 20, 2015 elections were the ones being opposed. Mr Mulenga said despite the ongoing reconciliation, still some members were still viewed as enemies of the party.

He said the MMD members were now joining other parties individually because of the failure of leadership in the party.

“We cannot accept some few individuals to kill the party deliberately because of the interest best known to themselves,” he said.Mr Mulenga alleged that genuine MMD members who were capable of rebranding the party were neglected, saying this had caused more confusion in the party because their views were not heard.

He said the MMD would soon start mobilizing and call for its members to come together to find ways of rebuilding the party.

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